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Basically the presence of plague infested fleas in the prairie every dog men and the fireworks with the spine but not the game because fleas. I have no idea <hes> <hes> do players. Use the same logic to deflect from loss. We're only inches away from a victory to go line. Instances for example in the locker room is fans outside the Stadium Stadium talking at the pump yeah even more yeah you spent more. What's funny is that you have to spin it more because you have to believe it so <hes> then you show up the next week feeling a whole lot better about yourself rather than hanging onto what does that. Noah Guero Edison Fernandina Lepore or even mirrors and Mendy today okay so we get better and are ready to go again Michael Question. It's just rallying call. It seems to Manchester City Michael Michael Michael. This entitled to say whatever He wants to say. Is that people in our production team who Paik yes so if we're going to pick a question you know oh you are just a statement. This is a statement. He did him Hashtag it E._S._P._N. That say Michael Idea. That's what I'm saying. Production team sometimes we're. We're taking too many shortcuts. That's all well. That's all I'm saying. You know who you who gets the better deal from new car. Isn't it isn't it. Maybe yeah who gets what's the best deal from the new CALCUTA swap deal. Not My opinion united. I like produces now telling me it's definitely not happening. Now why this honestly wow this is some that doesn't mean you bring that sort of effort. We're here given the best that we can. We try. Our best is not that great but we're bringing it now. Now I do want everybody to know. This is my best. We did see a picture of alley at Disneyworld and his tee-shirt said Hopper Ah with Mary with Mary poppins. The whole family must have been mommy. He was just telling he was dancing answered poolside with chip and deal who decide who saw this. Ah What's who is the most positive E._S._p._N. A._F._C. Crewmember Ishak is the most negative why in a power ranking while while but does it's too bad but I just see much like this is on yesterday negative well no no Zachary negative negative. Let my negative power ranking trae obviously category by saying Ali number two what yes two point. Oh now I've hey after my face froze change a little bit definitely have mellow. You went to the top ranking. It's a long gap then because Ali one point is right there we uh-huh bubbling and there's a big shocker pool Stevie then I can get angry about another way another woods this two tables here yeah and the rest of the type it was. I think I consider your sack. Seven can sometimes sometimes semi drags at one point all all of a sudden that Tebas go all over the I have not sitting at that table from free again if you are a couple. Would you like Ali shock for shock. Kelly Charlene. Yeah second chocolate sounds good. I'd prefer not to contribute to this. It just seemed a little on now. I like Kelly secondly yeah second ale good. How would you and your wife Melissa and Ali Mullaly Sure Yeah Shaq Shaq. That's how I ah shut down does barely early win about highlights and the Balance Dorn cubicle as much as he does on the show no because we tally surprise to filter built the inflammation he gets into the studio or else it free and now that we don't have cubicles now very keep Craig Doc. Yes forever about his dark room. Hey expect them self. Who Ooh <hes> same team tomorrow. I am not here tomorrow. Steve Nicol must be Bach against seems. I'll be back here with Craig. We're going to be in the village..

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