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So we'll see what the next year happens or what happens next year before i start critiquing but eighteen points per game against grown men grown men eighteen years old playing against guys. Who you gotta remember. Almost everybody in the g. league at one point was the best player on their college team or the second best player on the college. A lot of the guys in the g. league played in the nba for a good amount huge. A lot of them like are better than a lot of the guys in the ncaa and better than a good amount of the guys in this draft and jalen green averaged eighteen four and three while one every single game having a target on his back. Because a lot of these guys see him. Jonathan coming isaiah. Todd dacian nixon and go these. We beat them so we can get our way back into the league. So you have a target on your back. Every single game to again grown men grown men like guys who have had strength and conditioning camps the nba like multiple multiple years of professional experience and then on top of that having a share the ball with three other prospects who all needed like their time off. Like the whole point of the ignite was like showcase. These guys sort of you had to split all of that like on a college team. You're probably the number one guy. All four of them probably the number one number two guy on whatever college seemed to go to like now you kind of get delegated and you kind of get lost in the mix. I think that's what happened with. Dacian knicks that rhyme. But i think that's also kind of what happened with isaiah. Todd who fingers crossed is a rocket by the end of the night. But i think. I think what jalen green did and the g. league is extremely underrated. I really like him. I think he's one of the better scores in this league. I wouldn't be surprised if he's like twenty five guy twenty five five and five guy within like a couple of years like an all star appearance by year. Three is not out of the questions for me. And so i like him. I think that him and kevin porter jr. going to be a great pairing from fair good amount of years but other scores in this draft. James book night out of yukon dynamic. Scorers probably one of the best players at the rim one of the most athletic guys in the draft extremely extremely quick and he plays like every dude from new york city like he plays straight out of the crazy handles will break soon ankles in the nba. Like he's going to be a lot of fun to watch some questions about his defense. But i think he's like so quick and so long is going to be a really good point of attack defender. I think the biggest thing is just about like walking in off ball. Which is you know. Focus is the biggest part for a lot of these is like whenever i was making my big board. Look and it'd be like oh weakness like he doesn't he's not very wear. Oh he's not very well..

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