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The old game used to be the regular season was one way and. The playoff. It was even more physical. You can't play that way anymore. So some of Brady's experience and a huge margin. He has owned the gap on the other quarterbacks is minimize because it's easier for everyone to build throat. A ball won. The obviously the pats have better overall defense than the Kansas City Chiefs. But there are two areas that the chiefs are much better than the patriots and and as far as slowing down the chiefs offense, I think they might be the most to to most critical stats. One is the pats are dead last in the NFL sacks, like one way to slow down this offense is to get to Patrick Mahomes. They couldn't this past week in one of those interceptions he threw was just mistake. The other one he didn't see Dan, regardless of what New England does that will not. That's exactly what I was going to says. They do not have the talent like an I know what Bella checks not going to do. He is not going to all out blitz and put his secondary out there where they can make big plays against you and get big chunks of yards. So that is one as flawed and as bad as. Chiefs defense is there to best defensive players are there to pass rushers Steve Ford in a contract year and just in Houston. A guy who's won defensive player of the year in this league before lease had twenty plus sack season in route to twenty million dollar your contract. So the chiefs will be able to get pressure on the quarterback and the other spot where that patriots have been very bad defensively. This year bottom sixteen in the league is third down defense, and you got to be able to get off the field against this chiefs team. We saw it the beginning, the first half count, beginning second, pardon me? Senate, man. There's a must score for cancer today at a third into and they hit Kareem hunt for touchdown on that play the chiefs deep into the one thing they've been good at is third down defense. We saw it to a degree in the pats game on that I drive when they forced the patriots into going for it on fourth down like, so even though I agree with you dead last in yards, that's a problem no matter what the pats have their issues as well, and that sack number that that's not they don't have the reinforcement comic. They don't have Justin Houston coming off. The injured list that's gonna come to help them out in that regard. Big as the talent gap between these two. I know we just really touched on here, but looking at two teams overall have because the town cap between the patriots and this thing, if you look at just talent and we're going to have a strength and a strip, a sparks test and everything. Of course, Kansas City is going to win. But the one thing that's not important is how how talented are you and how can you play football? And the one thing that New England players hate in the hate year after year after year, we never give them credit for being good football players. All we talk about as Bella check his adjustments. All we talk about as Tom Brady, but they got a lot of good football players on that. They know how to win, so that's not foreign to him. So yes, Kansas City has more peer athletic ability, but Bill Bella check in the way he coaches the greatest coach in the history of the league. He negates that with getting his team to build a play, putting his players in the best situation for them that take advantage of their own ability and the thing that should..

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