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Erickson here. The full numbers. You wouldn't be on the show. Eight seven seven nine seven eric. Eight seven seven nine seven eight seven seven nine. Seven three seven four to five charter. Schools have boomed during the pandemic. This is from axios but listen to the wording here. Listen to the wording charter. Schools picked off hundreds of thousands of school students across the us. This is from axios. And it's a It's a new analysis from the national alliance republic charter schools but charter. Schools picked off hundreds of thousands of public school students across the us during the pandemic that that's the opening except charter. Schools did not pick off hundreds of thousands of public school students. Hundreds of thousands of parents public school students chose to send their kids to a charter. School and by the way charter. Schools are public schools. This entire analysis comes in fact from the national alliance republic charter schools. Now why it matters according to axios. The pandemic has weakened america's education system as zoom classes teacher. Fatigue and student disagreement take their toll and that hobbled system shedding students to charter schools. Private schools and home schooling charter school. Enrollment is up. Sixty five percent alabama seventy eight percent texas. Bigger states have seen a significant jump including texas nine percent new york seven percent ohio eleven percent school funding follows students so public schools. That are not set up a starter. Schools will lose resources. Democrats are starting to say. They're opposed jurisco. Stacey abrams who wants to maybe run for governor again in two thousand twenty two georgia. She's opposed to expanded charter schools in the state of georgia. Texas democrats are opposed to expanded charter schools in the state of texas and nationally Joe biden's department of education is signaling. They would like to starve charter schools of funding because the public schools. Don't like the competition. Even though charter schools are public schools they are set up with a level of flexibility and autonomy that even teachers unions have not been able to penetrate. the result. is that charter. Schools are thriving. Were public schools are failing and in fact the charter schools. Given their setup in most states are allowed to get around mask mandates. The result is of course that the teachers unions and the democratic political operatives out there wanna kill him from stacey. Abrams in georgia to joe biden's old department of education. They want to deprive charter schools of funding. Now here's the problem. The democrats are so embiid. The teachers unions and the teachers unions are so against charter schools. That the democrats have to be against the charter schools. And as more and more parents are moving their kids out of charter school or out of public schools into public charter schools. It's harder and harder for democrats to justify wanting to kill off the charter schools though probably won't to slowly coop them but you know homeschooling is growing as well as an illinois. A state that has been deeply hostile to home schools in the past the democrats in the state legislature there want to expand regulation against home schoolers. They actually want parents to be certified to teach their children at home in a home situation. Which in and of itself is an intrusion into the family. But this goes back to what i was saying yesterday. Keep in mind that the democrats actually view You your children as word as wards of the state you are just there to serve the purpose for the state. It's not a good situation for Democrats ability to keep parents but as the democratic party. Elite tend to be single and childless. They tend to lose touch with families. And here's the thing people have to remember. Married people vote more than single people do increasingly the intellectual elite within the democratic party or child less. and there's a growing number of them who are single and as their world diverges from the public policy interests appearance with kids. It's going to make this reshaped alliance of suburban voters go to the democrats difficult to maintain because most voters in the suburbs have children and or grandchildren. And they they want to keep their interest in tact of the democrats diverging from that are gonna calls all sorts of problems for their own coalition. Moving forward now when we come back. Let's talk about the republican goalless. Donald trump about to have a big rally in the state of georgia.

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