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We were getting you know we had gotten a couple of other found carlos and that same year and the next year and found to satellite quarantined area or satellite in a space at near take counts at okay now this is in clermont county for folks are one where this is this is clermont county down in the southern part of ohio and so it has been in under quarantine says to two thousand eleven and of course when it's under quarantine what does that mean when grants under quarantine win in fact has found at state officials will come in and determine an area that they would that they would like to regulate so inside of a quarantine narrow fire way or other woody material can relieve that quarantined area sza mm though host trees retrieved that the beadle like here in fact and very logs cannot receive an net neither can any type of firewood okay in and of course folks have seen the the billboards all round the stay which i'm sure they have that says you know by your firewood were you burn it you know don't don't bring an end on hold around this is part of the issue of what's going on and why they're putting us put those billboards up yes yes yes and a very important you know if you bring firewood enter an area that you burn it before you reeve or you know you do not take it with you and become not only credit hoch cabrican pain in the asian long harm veto or the larva but it also kicking other pass that we which i want to spread that throughout the state which is how is it did if i'm not mistaken kinda one of the main reasons how immoral asked for really started to get spread around the rigidly course now it's it's everywhere but that's one of the biggest issues right yeah yes and emerald ask for as long as as well as better pack with spread through firewood and also with emerald asked where there's very different from asian longterm veto can fly you know hardest in fares and they can lie pretty quickly the asian long harm veto the pretty converse fanny veto a pretty gravy occur in five but it like that and you know the same area if i in fact trees that emerged from or the nearby tree go the fastest way to spread a rumour nbo around it through firewood movement through the movement of.

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