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Devil's let us christmas night last year willie nelson in the background all agreed you're all amazon was losing christmas carols urlas willie just doing willie songs he's got chris has zone i probably 300 me every album hilly nelson chris paul on you how rv sale alan attached bland yes allow me to say smoked marijuana she had to think about it i'm going to go richard nixon's impeachment hearings how he warm on net nick them alive actually it law and he to his peaches heavy too yeah yes she wasn't as you know len 73 baby you're a gleaming your dad's i'll tell you that much i will say the last we see smoke heads seeds it definitely a browner than route nor does the ross stems all over the place what did you burn that tree tammy green efa tammy why was it a glove right now she was just just sitting there well what what when's the last time you did slow dui tanning the now i don't know maybe on fidel sievinen loses afternoon are a little abaci moonshine oh really good only beginning from now course or else you going to get out mood china get libre have you ever snack them in w before now you don't get did apple mind apple time in china in gatlinburg now now now i guess it must not have done good levels by a you're gonna you get more for their than you do anywhere else again the hills and now it's not gonna and in it really down and they had the high alcohol content in israeli dave and by any kind of loan shampoo gallimard seizures knows bannon i don't want to travel into pigeon forest people want to statedatalaborg bob idea mood general budget the whole time photos alright sabah a pancake house or to jesus christ lady anabel barn the health delicious apple bottles is apple fritters i rid us a good you like lenders danny uh yes i.

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