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G. N Dow Down a fraction 34,422 S and P 500 up just a fraction at 42 39. NASDAQ is up. Fraction at 14,000 and 43. It is 91 at O'Hare right now. 90 at Midway and 77 along Chicago's lakefront. I'm Bob Kessler on Chicago's very own. 7 20 w G. N Hey, Now is your chance Call in 312981? 72 100. If you've got something you need to get done over the DMB the maybe a license question Vehicle sticker. If it's real, I d no matter what it is. You don't want to wait in line or you're having trouble with something trying to renew online. Maybe 312981 72 100. We're gonna get your questions answered to the best of Henry helps ability, he said Secretary of State Jesse White's office and Henry just a shout out to you one more time. You've been so helpful to all of us here at GNN throughout this and, um Helped a lot of folks, So thank you for the time again today. Thank you, Anna. I really appreciate the opportunity to speak with you and also to help your callers. It's uh, it's a great public service. You help so many of them and I'm hearing that the lines are getting long again. People are feeling good about getting out again. They're vaccinated and I don't know. I'm just just anecdotally hearing from people who tried to go. The lines are long Are you hearing that seeing that too? Yes, that we are definitely experiencing heavy customer volume. We've just recently reopened. The last couple of facilities that have been closed. The basement facility in the James R. Thompson Center has reopened. And that had been closed because it's crtc itself is closed, and we also reopened the Chicago West facility at Laramie in Lexington, which had been closed because of road construction in front of the building. So that helps, But we're definitely experiencing heavy customer volume, which is why we strongly recommend to our to the public to consider going online..

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