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This steam pro testing in Washington. The president will address the rally this morning and in the Corona virus surgeon of the record nearly 3800 deaths reported in the US Yesterday. America's listening to Fox News 602 and good morning to you want Patrick Osborne Topping Austin's news, the Travis County Health Authority, predicting another Covitz surge soon. Health authority Dr Mark S got explains all the prediction show the city and county getting worse. He reminds leaders that local hospital systems expect they can handle 200 ICU covert cases. But anything after that becomes a big problem. Projection right now is that will exceed capacity of that 200 hospital beds by Jane with 15, he believes as the increase in infections start to hit that 200 cap count could be surpassed even sooner. John Cooley NEWS radio K O B. J magazines have not been rolling out smoothly in the Austin area, and Travis County Commissioner Brigid Shea blames most of that on Governor Abbott. And now it seems to me like there's even more chaos in the process of even knowing we're vaccines are available. And how many are available and how the public could access the Boston public health. Also pointing the finger at the staging is not their fault. Vaccines haven't been administered efficiently. 13% of Austin Public Health 1300 Mo Darren A vaccine doses have so far been given out to the homeless. Recommendations are being made for local schools. As many campuses are opening back up this week, Austin Mayor Steve Adler says use of the bus or car pool and should be avoided. School shouldn't let kids congregate in cafeteria, strongly recommending that parents transition their Children their virtual education for at least two weeks as we now get to this higher place of infectivity. The recommendation also includes canceling most, if not all, extracurricular activities, and if that's not possible, significantly modifying those Vents to include things like Proactiv testing in Texas State University has made it a requirement that all students or staff who are returning to campus be tested for coronavirus beforehand. In person. Classes will resume at Texas State University on January. 19th officials say everyone should plan to get tested with within one week prior to the return to campus. And it is now 604. Let's check out Austin's on time traffic with Don Prior big issue out there this morning is not Rex or stalls or anything like that. Really. Fog is what you want to be aware of. If you're about to head out on your morning commute, depending on where you are, I could have some very, very heavy for you Want to take it easy coming in, Maybe give yourself a little bit extra time. Other than that, looking good right now, don Prior.

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