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The Mayweather McGregor deal deserves a lot of credit for that the right hand man for the likes of Conor McGregor. Tony ferguson. Wonderboy thomson. Chris cyborg the list goes on and on and matter of sex. We're going to be joined by audio Tara after that we are going to talk to one of his clients. Michael venom page had the big win over Paul daily on Saturday in Connecticut. I believe he was there for that fight after that will be joined by the F or mentioned Francis. In Ghana santee, I go punts abo still to come as well, of course, the UC's straw, Queen rose number Eunice still to come as well, Jimmy the brute crude still to come as a lot going on on the show. But for now, let's get to our next guest. The great audio tar Mr. powerbroker himself, very hard to get this man on the show. I mean, it's almost impossible. It's easier to get Donald Trump on the show these days and this man he that busy. But he's kind enough to be joining us right now on the program. Audie. How are you? Doing don't. Well. Thanks for having me on. No. It is a pleasure. Thank you so much. Congratulations to you in the team on all the success that you guys have had not just with the fights itself. But all the deals that you guys are doing outside of the arenas. And we'll get to those in a second. As far as one of those deals are concerned. I would think that the deal that you announced last week as far as your partnership with legend in Asia would constitute as a big deal. I still can't quite understand like what's your involvement here? So please break this down for us. What are you doing with legend? Sure sure, you know, as you know, mixed martial arts exploding on a global level. Congratulations to you. And he SPN obviously on not only the new deal, but on your new position with a new network. It's been exciting to watch from the New Year's countdown to last night's event. But the sport is exploding. And when we first got into the sport late two thousand ten we we really looked into the future. We weren't even we aren't just looking at present day as it relates to to the sports growing success. But we we looked at where the sport was going. And we were very bullish on the fact that it was going to explode on a global level, and and not only from from the USA, but you see Bella tors rise and you see other promotions around the world growing in mind share, and then the consumer products industry exploding fire. The brands of fighters are exploding and now are reaching new heights. And and we wanted to be at the forefront of that not only growing our athletes brands, and but wanted to diversify in south areas. Consumer products are content digital technology and now team lease and promotion, so legend fighting championship was one of the pioneers of Asian mixed. Martial arts, they had the likes previously of Robert Whitaker. Current UFC one eighty five champ you had lied leading the an which is our client, the Mongol and wolf which was the first Chinese fighter ever in the AL came from legend..

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