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Watching them lower my blood pressure it's cool it's very a little bit i know it's definitely not a pet is therapeutic i haven't unconservative are there saying this is true somebody told me that geos bird's name is winky after kris winky i believe that i totally believe that i mean is that confirmed from a really good source on my council level billy madison it's my calcutta seventy seven five seven five eight hundred seven seven one one or two five nobody oseberg thought he was joking he said he's serious winky yeah like chris winky like w e i n k e i can't wait to see response to this if he responds with the screen face like than than we know it's really waking what's up lindsey what could you grab a live how are you great thank you how's your day so i have to respectable dogs but i also have snails and ladybugs sleep those are not pets snails and lady but eighty bucks definitely pits they're they're fake s but you're right but my son is fascinated by creepy crawly things he likes to watch them he likes to see the life cycle and all that and so we catch now ladybugs other kinds of things and keep them in the house the other little bugs on that's cool that they're useful so as drain.

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