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At third but you never know so i think that two years from now you're right we can look back at that call and say oh my god it's kleber torres but right now labor taurus has been in the major leagues for five minutes and aaron judge now had an mvp correct stoorikhel rookie season and despite his recent slump is having another really good caesar so i'm just always going to side on the eye of who's proven more but these kinds of questions if you're caught them and you listen back to two years later make us all sound like idiot because i'm telling you a yankee fan called in and we laughed at him way said severino in judge they were to prospects in donating the majors yet they were prospects judging severino for matt harvey we laughed out of here of course not because here's the equivalent of it i'll give you the exact equivalent achey fan calls up right now and they probably already have in the last week and says hey i'm gonna give you estevao floreal and justice sheffield for noah syndergaard your reaction be now right now what if in three years noah syndergaard the head case floor y'alls the best player in baseball and sheffield's winning the cy young we'll look back at that comment and say my god how do we think also depends out good cigar turns out to be case oh i see turns out to be matt harvey right and that's another story turns out to be great pitcher there's another matt harvey came back from tommy john in two thousand and fifteen even after the world series did any of us think was going to happen no that's the risk with prospects you just don't really know they turn out to.

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