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Looks like a cross between res- McGowan and Laura linger. And she's like Kim Kardashian wanna be but like version like a she. Okay. Was she the one that? I think I wrote later that she looks like Shelley Duvall. She looks like a big face Shelley divall. Okay. Yeah. So Shelly then Hannah g who is going to go on to get the first impression rose. Okay. This is the girl. I said is like Reese Witherspoon if you look at her next time, I don't expect an agreement today. But this girl does not blink either. And she looks I was like she's mesmerizing me 'cause he refuses to blink. And I was like why? Where are they playing inspirational music for her? She's scaring me, and I was like oh my God. It's Tracy flick. This girl looks just Mike her. Yeah. Yeah. She does too. You're right. Once you see. Okay. No, no. I got her. I was like, oh, she's kind of like big little lies where she's like, you know, she's acting like she's cool. But she's like really up tight. Yes. And she short with those big is. Yeah. Yeah. And she's like whether rumors you don't wear underwear. So I wanted to get you your favorite brand of underwear an empty box. You're terrible. But then she doesn't blink. And she looks like she could kill him with her eyes. And I'm like, I think I like her. I know I think he was a little scared scared. Okay. So then there's Anne the financial associate. She's just a, you know, typical blonde girl who like Photoshop to their dogs together, which is creepy. And yet that was so weird creepy. House really weird. We get to Magda from. There's something about Mary. All my God this lady, she's. Oh, yeah. I put out stiffler mom. She does like, Jennifer Coolidge. Yeah. Yeah. She's like a low risk. She's new crystal with her voice kind of smoky. This is my tenure data this. Lips are so huge first of all she's supposed to be in her twenties. But she looks like no lie in her forties. She looks like a blister. She has a blister face. Yeah. Yup. She's like, yeah. This is my daughter Lucy. And she's like I want you to have her through this journey. Basha? Why does she have so much stuff in her lips and her age? I don't understand it doesn't make you look younger. It makes you look like a planet. Just stop just stop. But is anybody telling her like even what she got booked on the show weren't doesn't somebody say like stopped doing that to your lips? Or do you think she just did it all like, they they she auditioned in that? She was like, well, the show's coming up go to my girl. More put in mill think that girls had practice. You know, it's like once you get rid of one wrinkle you see another. It's like making a bed. You know, you. You get one wrinkle fix, and then there's another wrinkled and there's another one, but it's not just wrinkles. It's the lips there. Humongous. Her whole face is like too much. So she's like what better way to get to know me with my. Yeah. It's really weird. So and that's just a little foreshadowing of the crazy to come. And she's wearing this red dress where the sleeves are like wings like, which she raises her arms. She's like a grand slam with her. Right. She's very like makeup counter Cape winning. I mean, I don't know what her deal is..

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