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Here's Chris Boat right back where we were at the end of one period. It's Blackhawks to Detroit one after two. Now, as we walk him into Second period of Hawks central Dagny NHL one Central Vision game was postponed No not due to covert, but because of extreme weather and power outages in the Dallas area. The Stars were set to host Nashville this evening. But upon advice of the mayor Teams were in place ready to go. But upon advice of the mayor of the city of Dallas, they decided to postpone that game. A makeup date has yet to be announced it to other games in division are winding down in the third period, high scoring affairs. It's Carolina, just starting the third leading Columbus by a count of 5 to 3 table Terrebonne in the former Blackhawk has scored in his second straight contest. For where the Kanes Cam Atkinson, yet another goal for the Blue Jackets and that one and Florida and Tampa Bay playing for the third consecutive time, this time down in Tampa Bay, and the Panthers are leading it by a score of 6 to 4, speaking of former black Hawks, Anthony Duclair with his first two goals of the season for the Cats. Meantime, Alexander Volkov has a pair for the bolts in that one third period. It's the Islanders living buffalo by a count of 3 to 1, also in the third Toronto now clean to a 5 to 4 lead over Ottawa. Austin Matthews Escort is 12th and 13th goals of the season for the Maple. It's Joe Thornton as well for Toronto. Winnipeg and admitted or just getting into a little bit later on. It's Calgary and Vancouver's Wells Anaheim at San Jose earlier today, it was Arizona winning the seventh and deciding game of their seven in a row against ST Louis. One. Nothing was the final Darcy Kemper with 24 saves in that shut out Clayton Keller. Alone goal before the Coyotes reminder The Blackhawks live. Normally heard on Monday nights will be heard tomorrow night at seven o'clock shortened 45 minutes show here on 7 20. WGN has always presented by Chevy Dr Chicago dot com. Drive What cane and tapes Dr will be joined by our special guest Ian Mitchell against seven o'clock tomorrow night with Nick is Mahdi and me. MBA. Fourth quarter bulls in Indiana are tied at 92 College basketball. Northwestern back in action tomorrow night when they visit Illinois. The fighting Alana up to fifth in the national rankings. Loyal remains at number 22. Can the Blackhawks still letting the Red Wings to one after two? We'll talk about what? Troy next 10 7 20, WGN..

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