Judge Brett Ludwig Trump, Governor Cuomo, Joe Biden discussed on Podcast Premiere


This time in Wisconsin, Trump lost a federal lawsuit that asked the court to order the Republican controlled Legislature to name Trump the winner over Democrat Joe Biden, who won the election. U. S District Judge Brett Ludwig Trump appointee, said the president's arguments quote failed as a matter of law. In fact, in another case, Trump lawyer's face skeptical liberal and conservative judges on the Wisconsin Supreme Court. With liberal justices, saying the lawsuit asking to toss more than 221,000 absentee ballots cast in counties that have AH diverse electorate. Quote smacks of racism. Justice Jill Kurowski did not hold back you wanted. You want us to overturn this election so that your king to stay in power. And that is so on American President Elect Joe Biden is reportedly considering Governor Cuomo to be is a G. Bloomberg report says Cuomo's on a short list that includes Alabama. The Senator Doug Jones, US Circuit Coat Court Judge Merrick Garland and former deputy Attorney General Sally Yates. Cuomo had previously served as housing and Urban Development secretary during the Clinton administration. The governor's discussing what needs to be done to help struggling businesses, with coronavirus numbers spiraling and indoor dining, shutting down again in the city on Monday. Cuomo said that the federal government must provide relief to bars and restaurants in the next stimulus package. Understand battling Cove it I also understand you're wiping out businesses. We'll do what we can in New York we're going to extend the commercial eviction moratorium. Governor says The current spike in cases is likely to continue through January because of people gathering for the holidays. Police are charging a queen's woman after she drove her car into a crowd of protesters yesterday afternoon in Midtown. Absolute 52 year old Kathleen Cassio is facing a charge of reckless endangerment after striking protesters at the intersection of 39th Street and Third Avenue. What about 4 P.m.? This witness describes how the terrifying scene unfolded, dodged a bike..

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