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I will i croup wants but it was uh you go back and you think about that is like those nights and i didn't know none of it had to work in the morning i didn't have a morning chefs who was kind of good we can crash and we're gonna nights them so we could crash hayek effort at about that right so i donald the donald is is at it again he believes nf owners are afraid of their players that's what he said the this into this is ready mrs a trump target while have so many friends that are owners and they're in the bucks nashville could do a couple of them they say we are in a situation where we have to do something i think they're afraid of their players you want to know the truth and i think it's disgraceful all right the comment suggested nfl owners who are overwhelmingly white actually know they're all white said the same as overwhelming they're all wide are afraid of their players who are prominently black is racist as hell the when he says they're afraid of them and you heard the tone it's again it's this thing that this guy does stirring up his stirring up a a conversation and a viewpoint that maybe not would have never been there but he's gonna put it out is going to tweet about it he's going to repeat it and the people are going to they're going to start repeating it him he's brainwashing people it's ridiculous now here's where he's right he says his remarks of car on and that he said what millions of americans were thinking here's the bad part millions are americans are idiots and they they really don't listen and they miss the point frequently let me just came we just put something out to you're just so you know we have three hundred thirty million people in this country somewhere around sixty million people leave the earth is three thousand years old okay we just say that again sixty million people in the united states is a one out of five don't believe in evolution mrs this is according to us a two different research groups and one i don't believe which is rasmusen a gallup did.

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