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The mission open to the armed forces. The D O D veterans and their families insured by So glad you're with us. It's 50 wait. Traffic and weather on the AIDS. How's it looking out there? Dave? Deal, dine. We're going to start on the bill way on the outer loop. It is slow through Tysons, and it is one stopped in and blocking the left center plane passed Route seven. Roll back there and getting it towed out of the centre of those main lanes on the outer Loop. 66 westbound Robert Hacking a crash eastbound east of Route 28. Centreville, right side is blocked Fauquier County, about four miles of heavy and slow traffic from the Plains through martial toward the Delaplane exit before Route 17. Longstanding crash westbound on 66 on Ly one right lane. Ian has been getting by summer traffic is summer slow on 95 south bound toward the AKA Kwan and through Stafford County, as it is north, bound from Quantico to Springfield in Maryland on the outer Loop. The crash after River Road is clear. All other issues on the interlude in Montgomery and Prince George's counties resolved, But traffic remains heavy at times to 70 south still slow past highest town, but that wreck near the Clarksburg Scales is also clear. North out expecting volume delays riding through Frederick County, Route 50 at the Bay Bridge, eastbound stop and go from the Severin River, with only two lanes open to eastbound drivers across the Chesapeake and two way operations remaining suspended. Favoring westbound traffic to clear westbound traffic off Kent Island. The crash on the westbound span is clear. Three lanes open westbound, but eastbound drivers are limited to two lanes. A lot of rat runs happening right now across Broadneck, especially on ST Margarets Road authorities, as always wants you to stay on U. S Route 50. If you are sure bound if you plan on crossing the Bay Bridge. Current traffic at bay bridge dot com or call 1877 base ban All electronic tolling is now live it easy Pass today Day building. W T o P traffic to Amelia Draper Tracking the hottest temperatures we've had all year for the weekend on into at least early next week. Dangerous Heat is in the forecast. If you do have to be outside.

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