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Rare company of feminist royalty. Fearless an extraordinary Susan Falati. Carol jenkins. Opening comments by Diana Weiner of the Milford readers and writers festival. Thank you so much for that introduction. My goodness. And susan. I don't have her hats. Feel prepared that that was great. And we do have in common. Glorious on move has mentor. Both of us. And I now moody club with Gloria. And it's so fascinating the movie said she chooses. Like the slightly Phil and mama Mia. Although. She quite understood, mama Mia. Our other other member movie clever send an hour afterwards explaining why it was so fabulous. She loved it. Shares the price of the ticket. If you get to see that, I am so pleased to be in conversation with you. Susan Faludi has walked our lives since nineteen ninety one. When she wrote backlash stipulated, how our society was against us. And there were some people that didn't believe you. Well. They've come around. Around because this morning, I was on Twitter hoping to fly polluted posting their she she follows zero people. She's not there. But you still trendy because everybody was if you haven't read backlash get it read it out. So you are once again in the thick of the conversation about women and the way we're being treated so much of that has to do with what's going on in the supreme court the effort to add a new Justice. And I know that we're gonna talk about the I know that you'll have questions about that. But I wanna start with another. Fantastic story that you tell about your father and his transitioning from he says, don't forget, you know, even if I am a woman, I'm still your father. Talk to us about in the dark room because your dad was well, we'll say first and foremost, he was dead. But he was also a photographer, and that's where the title comes from. Title in the dark room has numerous levels of meaning because I grew up with a father who literally lived in the dark room. My father was a photographer, but mainly did technical work all my father called trick photography. She then he at the time. Worked for content asked. Altering the some of the most famous commercial fashion photographers of the times work with montages color conversions all predate Photoshop. With technical. So he worked on Richard Avedon Francesca. Loops are we here? Hello..

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