Cowboys, Super Bowl, Dan Fouts discussed on First Take - Another One: 4/5/17


Make this argument platelet anybody other than the cowboys you're doing it because you played for the town hall of fame many of his content is worn deserving hall of famer deserving moon is the level of blasphemy warren moon three in seven in the nfl playoff never went to the super bowl and listen here never would to put super bowl never went to the finish let let me finish warren moon three in seven including the playoffs dan fouts three in for the playoffs both in the nfl hall thing because they're calling me the tony rumble being the quarterback at the dallas cowboys is helping his case we have to examples right there guys play for other franchises did better that carries max keller says they're better step aside would take over by the way take a guy like philip rivers philip rivers is clearly better than tony rubble is still at all max use in clearly their objective incident in reverse i'm getting i'm getting numbers and you use clearly and better as though you might have to under which will go to hell backspace about go to help backstage for three hours with three kids i'll take your right that lot on iraq which instead to florida orlando florida hitch away go steve go space amount to hear them although steven i loves the kids right does but is there steven line is space mountain with special via because i'm a man of the people role when the time out when i go to disneyland the world be the first to admit.

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