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COVID boosters from federal supplies. Luke Luger WTO pinus. If you've driven in or through Frederick Maryland, you've probably encountered congestion on route 15. There's been a big step forward in improving that drive. Maryland's long-term transportation plan now includes money to widen U.S. 15 through Frederick. It's the four mile stretch from liberty road to the north down to I 70 where 15 heads to loudon county in West Virginia. The project would add one lane in each direction using the median right of way and do some interchange improvements. It would not take any homes Frederick city and county leaders have wanted 15 widen for years since it affects both local and through traffic. A longtime diplomat with the State Department who was killed while riding her bike is going to be honored this morning. Sarah langenkamp was hit by a flatbed truck last month on river road as she wrote home from her two sons elementary school. Cyclists plan to meet at the Bethesda metro kiss and ride from a memorial group ride through the capitol Crescent trail at ten 15, langan camp will also be honored with a ghost bike event, meaning they'll lack a bike to a street sign near the crash site. Her family already raised over $230,000 for bike safety improvements in the area. Coming up after traffic and weather Labor Day parades are the only parades on organizers minds today. It's 5 O 7. This is

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