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Cincinnati Cincinnati public schools pressing forward with a return to the classroom, but teachers don't like it. This is the seven o'clock report. I'm Matt Reese. Breaking now The kids need to be back in school. Most people agree on that, but is it safe in this circumstance? No, says the teachers union Cincinnati public schools, But the district disagrees. Teachers have serious concerns about this plan. You hear our voices? We're professionals, and we will be able to bridge any gaps created this school year. Thomas Frank is the vice president of the Cincinnati Federation of Teachers. He is not in favor of the district's plan to go back to a blended learning models starting the week of February. 1st. The school board has reaffirmed its decision to do that, and a Thursday statement from board President Caroline Jones says the movies being made based on the advice of health partners. Load transmission within buildings, the rollout of the vaccine to staff and more governor DeWine wants to start giving the vaccine to school staff across the state starting in February, even though Ohio does not have enough vaccine to cover members of the general public currently eligible. I'm Jack Crumley. News radio 700 wlw Now the latest traffic and weather together, you gotta crash blocking the left lane of the North bound 71 ramp to North bound 75. And Walton area on there are ramp restrictions there, and we don't know how long that's going to be a problem. But it's it started about 45 minutes ago accident West North Bend Road between Dill Word Avenue and Van Kirk Avenue and an accident White Street between Westwood Avenue and Queen City Avenue, Otherwise no other major accidents or delays to report Now the latest forecast from the Advanced Industry Weather Center as we adjust to the new normal in our lives, advanced industry will continue working to make your dental visit as.

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