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In progress in edmonton wild five in the oilers two teams to coyotes two early third period and arizona the ducks it just scored again may lead the avalanche to nothing early second period finals earlier today islanders with a three two victory in regulation over the caps blue jackets with a six four win over the rangers penguins doubled up the predators florida to kane's got a hat trick from sebastian a whole to beat the flyers five to one canadians five sabres too the devils hold on free for three regulation win over the red wings bruins for lightning three the panthers come from behind three six five win over the senators jets five and the blues three and the stars in a while the offensive game when it six to three over the maple leafs one other any chill note the rangers of son their head coach alain genial to a two year contract extension nba bulls are off fred hoiberg team will begin a six game road trip tomorrow in oklahoma city college basketball to poll currently in the second half trailing georgetown sixty six to sixty two earlier in la no i lost in wisconsin fifty seven a forty three akron knocked out and you seventy six seventy three loyal a loss to missouri state in ot eighty two to eighty one i would tuck rutgers eighty three to sixty three to the w user per on occurred it's one of the biggest decisions i president makes who to put up for seat on the supreme court beaming president.

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