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The Midwest listening right now going. I remember, though, February 14th 1990. That was a Valentine's Day. A lot of people wanted to get Forecast was generally for 2 to 4 inches of rain, changing or 2 to 4 inches of snow changing a rain that never did. We ended up having 9 to 12 inches. Snow. Yeah, I got a feeling just about anybody who had reservations for dinner. There was the middle of the week that anybody had reservations for dinner on Valentine's. They had a canceled and most likely talk more about getting stuck in the snow that day. It was without a doubt, one of the worst and probably one of the Hardest hit snowstorm that we've ever had on Valentine's Day and again. That was back in 1980. I should have some people right now going. I remember that day we were supposed to be that rose buds and we ended up needing that Pippins bar on in River north because we couldn't make it over the roads, But that was only three blocks away Parking spot. We were doing love story so 31 to 91 7200 if you if you met your loved one on the Valentine's Day snowstorm 1990 you get a prize? Rick really quickly. I got about a minute before I go let you go. But you mentioned that the predicted of that day was 2 to 4 inches changing a rain. It's a real fine line with these temperatures and waited to get rain, ice or snow. Have we gotten better since 1990 it being really able to get these grades Right way We've gotten tons better man. In fact, I'm just looking right now. It's some of the forecast models and it shows anywhere between maybe 1 to 2 inches coming at us. Later on today, mainly after about six or seven o'clock. I think tomorrow most of the snow is over with by noon. And then after that, just cold and the thing about it when you get super cold this time of the year, you push the storm track south for the next storm trip. Most likely is gonna be a second places like maybe Indianapolis. Maybe Toledo, Ohio, may be Detroit. Coming up here on Monday. But at this point, John, it looks like the biggest knows they shout a little bit of snow coming through here tonight. It's just going to add insult to injury, and the only thing I can see coming out of this pattern is maybe one or two more days of extreme cold if we can get through this cold spell with only three days below zero, and maybe 4 to 6 inches of snow. We're doing Okay, Relative. What's happening to the north of us? Violence? Always great to chat with you, my friend. They can't bring better news next time then we'll let you back on. That's a promise right to 30 Time for the news and W G. M. It's 13 degrees at 2 30. Good afternoon. I'm Bob Kessler. The news sponsored by news nation, the fight over the word fight by former President Trump's defense team. First WGN traffic from Mary Vandeveld and start.

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