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Let's talk about the book. Yeah so. I wanted to talk first about how you heard about this book. And what were your initial impressions before you read it as a trick question. No it's you told me about this book. You brought it down to me and told me that. I had to stop everything else. I was reading. Read this book. that is correct. I guess i do the answer to that. Well the reason that. I put it in the outline is because i so i'd heard about this book. It came out in august twenty twenty and i'd heard about it and i read the copy on the flapper or whatever wherever it was the description and i remember specifically thinking that i was like i'm not really interested in this and then at the end of twenty twenty Good reads does. They're good reads choice awards and millions of people. Maybe not millions. Thousands of people vote on their favourite book in this one one in the fiction category and it one against anxious people by frederick bachmann men. Did you read that. Yes and i loved. I haven't somewhere and i love all of his writing. I i loved it. And i was i. It is a slow start wilson but Loved it definitely sick. But i was surprised that this other book that i hadn't heard of any kind of written off one and it made me really intrigued to check it out and so i went into it with no real. No real context other than that so many people liked it and it ended up release. Apprising me how did it surprise you. I'm because i knew exactly what was happening because you told me i don't know it. Just i think it surprised me and a couple of days. So i while i tend to have a bias against books where it is by a male author writing a female protagonist. Yeah i feel like you don't really read books by men. I do once in a while. I mean i read anxious people. That's true yeah. I don't really excitement to be honest. Like mostly i read cheesy murders written by woman. Yeah but i specifically don't like when men right yeah main characters and i usually find them a little contrived. I felt like he did a really good job with this me too. I was like a manner this like. He's really understands. Women me too so i went into it. I with that bias. And then i also at the beginning. I wasn't really sure where it's going. And it was like a little bit of a downer. I was like oh. I don't know how i feel about this because you know i can be. I like that book once in a while. But i have to be like in a very specific mood. Sad book like catch me by surprise. Yeah totally be. I i just. I wasn't really sure about this than i. i read it. I started on new year's eve. And i finished on new year's day and i was just really surprised by how lovely it was and it just like it just felt like this like perfect little book. Yeah when i heard satisfied. I was so satisfied. I felt like i read it in like a day or two. I i loved this book so much. And i feel like when i heard the premise that it sounded really sad but i found the book to be really hopeful. I did too. I did too. Well what was your main takeaway from the book mine. Was that you that you're right where you belong I feel like so many times. It's so easy to look back on your life. Well if i just did this one thing right like everything would be different. Would be better and this book really shows that. That's not the case and that you're right where you need to be and that kind of like the universe just works in magical ways. I felt like it was really hopeful and just taught me that taught me. I mean i know that regret is futile. You can't do anything to change the past. But in this case like nora was right where she should be because all those things that she thought would have made her life better if she had just stuck them out like marrying that guy or sticking with swimming. They wouldn't make her happy. Yeah what about you. I don't disagree with your takeaway. Biden was like kind of a slightly different spin on it. So one thing. I wrote down with something that mrs elm says in the book and she says it's hard to predict what will make us happy and one thing that i think was so much easier to see through this character and through her experiences. Were that. it's so easy to regret any of these big choices that you make but any major path that you chose differently would have its own problems. It's not just that it was going to be magical uncomplicated. Like for instance. When she was an olympic swimmer that came with its own challenges. And i feel like there's this tendency to glorify if you feel like you made a bad choice how idyllic the alternative would have been no that would have had its own set of problems and challenges and it might have ended up just as you might. It might have ended up worse. Yeah and. I feel like that's something that's really hard for me to remember in my own life sometimes versus seeing it with a character. You're really obviously. Yeah and then. I also really loved That kept saying another one of her motto is was never never underestimate the big impact of small things. Yes we're ended up not being the big things that made more happier changed the course of her life because those all had their own other major problems. It was a little things. Yeah that too. And i really liked that like about those are the things that some things off in a different direction rather than those big life changing. Yes it made me. Think of like the notion we've talked about this. A lot throughout the pandemic is like micro joys and these little things that like bring you joy. Like i feel like i've gotten so in doing with what little thing is gonna like. Make my day better make me happy are what i was talking to a friend last weekend and she was saying we're talking about dating and she was saying she was talking about regrets in that she hadn't played a huge emphasis on dating in the past and she finally felt like she was ready in going into twenty twenty and then the pandemic happened and she was like i really feel like i have wasted a year of my life and she was talking about also how. She's freezing her eggs and she was like almost saying how she felt silly and i was like well. You know like who's to say that you you wouldn't have wasted your life in a different way if not for the pandemic like you could have been in the wrong relationship or you could have gone on dates that we're all terrible. You know didn't pan out in any way shape or form where it's not just say that the alternative was necessarily finding the right person and falling in love. And that's what you missed out on. Yeah so i don't know it just feels it just feels so this book. Just feel so. Applicable of this book is a warm. I love this book. It truly is so i kind of thought the best way to talk about it would be to kind of talk about the different lives that she chooses and kind of what we took away from it and and what we thought about them. Yes does that sound. I thought that. I think this is the best way to tackle a book so the first life is where she's married to dan who was her She was engaged to him. It was like her. Long term boyfriend fiance And running a country pub. So the first thing i have say is i am. I truly didn't get over this. Both when i read the book or when i reread the book the idea of just popping into a life mid stream and some of them are weird weirder than others. This one was weird for me and the other one that was weird for me was when she was a swimmer and she goes like popping. It had to give that speech. Oh i mean that was weird in the australia life. She wakes up at a pool. Can you imagine yes. Just like coming to underwater. Yeah ehrlich choking. Gosh how terrifying that be. There was definitely some anxiety some secondhand exile in this book for me in her having to come into these lives and piece together who she was and what she was supposed to be doing..

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