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Were saying that the jazz we're going to mess up the west for everybody because they were not supposed to make the playoffs but not only are they in their causing damage what do you make of this jazz team right now the way they play quin snyder was a good coach i was wrong you could create coach i've got donovan mitchell was an above average rookie now he's a like an above average player on the on the cusp of what knocking on doors being an star on still the guy who i knew he had less impact in this series of he had a really good impact in that first round series is rudy gobert style jazz have have exactly the makeup of what you want now willing passers guys i can shoot have good defense or well coached a well organized have that man which is a rookie and it's hard to even imagine to be saying i can go and get you buckets late in the game so i don't think they'll win this series but what they have done so far it makes you wonder like like the league changing so much that no name like rookie can have big time impacts the game and noting players like joe l ingles who people know who he is but can actually change the outcome of playoff games which i would say five years ago it always came down to your best player and see what they can do their best players better than they other best player so i'm really loving what i'm seeing across the league i talked about the celtics ended and the guy irving gordon hayward out but other guy stuffing up i think we're seeing that across the league and it's a really fun to watch we're all rooting for more parody but i do think it's going to be going state in cleveland once again but this could be the last year of that he had an eleven year mba career he was a champion of pakistan legend brian my man you had to ruin is basketball career and you're having a great second career.

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