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Then the other one I've seen kind of coming up in I've participated in. I really like is like the kiva. So. Right. So that is it's kind of the evolution of the Sally Struthers adopted child, you know, plea from the eighties, right? But it's the the twenty first century way. Kiva is this platform where you kind of go on and it profiles kiva is doing work throughout the world in proof women in developing countries who kind of make their case for hey, you person lend me X money. Right. And so, you know, you go in and news Armenia is trying to raise twenty five hundred dollars for and this is what I've kind of seen. It's often. It's these women running these little data's write these little lake kind of defeating food away cysts issues in the developing world. Are we supposed to use developing world? I am not sure what the term is anymore. I feel like developing word is world is not correct. The now it implies that they are in a stage of development that is. Is like big behind us. And I feel like that's really like colonial language for how to talk about the developed. The developing words talk about other countries. Yeah. I mean, I definitely know we're not supposed to use third world because for a second and third world is just bullshit. But developing world, also, I think is wrong. And I'm sure there's a better way to say that I am not sure what that is. So lovely listeners educate us. Let us know. I mean, I I'm not telling you to do our work for us. But they're so much on the internet to to like point us in the direction of what the best way to talk about. You know, countries that are struggling are struggling. Yeah. Christine Lagarde, Ron this podcast to be so much better. I know. I know. Yeah. So anyway, you kind of you know, as a as as a lender, right? And I even like, you know, women women in in the western world or in the privileged world. You know, we need ways to access meaningful opportunities right to lift up our sisters around the world. And so, you know, it is kind of cool as it should be considered a lender. Right. You're not a donor. You're not a savior your lender. And you're you're actively investing in in these other women so often, you know, you're giving this chance to kind of see like, which potential Lendys kind of match your your priority giving areas Hyoety lending areas, and you can invested any level, right? Like, you can invest twenty five dollars..

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