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Jesse Williams who gave that ran about. How the cops were maligning and mistreating black people and simply were looking at the data. And I tried to get him on the come on the show and talk about his data. What we've been doing is looking at the data, and I don't know whether or not he got my messages, but I put them on social media asked him to come on. And somehow he couldn't make it. I guess he was busy looking at the data. Now, Don lemon says that they're far more to fear from white men than any other group. That's also been fact checked. And Cory Booker said this quote in American history since nine eleven we've had eighty five major tax on our country. Seventy three percent of them have been by white nationalist hate groups against minorities against Muslims and against others in into quote. We put the article up on larryelder dot com, fat check or far right groups, the biggest US tariff threat. Editor of the daily caller said that when you look at the data the picture is not nearly as clear cut his Booker makes it out to be. There are serious issues with report. He went with that seventy three percent figure. From a study. From the government accounting office, which reported that white that that right wing extremists responsible for more incidence. But if Llamas killed more people. I find it. Interesting that Booker. Decided to go from September twelfth two thousand one to the end of two thousand sixteen. He doesn't include the day before. Between twelve September two thousand one at the end of two thousand sixteen there were eighty five deadly attacks by violent extremists. According to the GAO. Resulting in a total of two hundred twenty five deaths. Separate research carried out by university of Maryland. Revealed quote, a slightly different picture found out that the extremists carried out thirty one attack leading two hundred nineteen deaths while far right extremists responsible for killing hundred and fifty eight people in an eighty nine separate attacks. But another group said the said the opposite. So it's completely unclear whether or not there's a causal connection between. Trump's so-called rhetoric and white nationalist Trump's so-called rhetoric and hate crimes against Jews. But it's fascinating that the same group of leftist do not want to give Trump any credit for the booming economy. But they wanna give him total blame for pipebombs total blame for what happened in Pittsburgh. Maybe you can swear that for.

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