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More than anything, it's the vision. When you can eliminate players multiple players in the midfield, that draws defenders to you. And when you draw defenders and you have the ability to scan the field, you have the ability to set up the play that sets up the goal. Because he's not very productive in terms of goals and assists, but he's the guy that sets up the goals in the assist. You know what's really interesting. He's not been a part of the program all that long. He committed to the U.S. in March of 2021. It's not even two years ago. And I think when we talk about Greg berhalter and we talk about the things that he's done well, we talk about recruiting the dual nationals. I think Eunice Musa is his biggest win. You might say, well, sergino dest is a great player as well. Sergino dest was working with the U.S. youth national teams first. And if you hear why dust ends up choosing the U.S., he says it's because they were with me early on. Before I was a thing that I asked, they had their eyes on me, right? That loyalty was built in. That's not the case with Musa. Musa starts in the English setup, and he plays a lot for England, you 15, you're 16, you're 17, you 18, he's a big part of that England youth setup. Greg berhalter went in there is like going into your rival states backyard and snapping a kid up. That is a huge win where he probably didn't expect. I mean, if you look at the odds there, you say, we're not going to get this kid. England say better program and they put in more work. They also had Ghana in Italy. So what is Greg berhalter doing to convince these kids to me it's Greg berhalter's biggest win and we just talked about Mexican players who may have upped their stock. He's been at Valencia while now. And Valencia is a selling club, right? Under Peter. They weren't even playing them in the center. They want to make their money. Do you think we could be seeing a player ready? Because Valencia wants to sell in club. It's not a bad level. Do you think he's ready for something more? Or is he just convincing you that he should now go back to Valencia and be the guy? Be a starter every week. He's got to take the next step in his career. Valencia is a great team, great league. But if you have teams like mail on an Inter Milan, who are chasing you, who want that signature, that is a logical next step. It's not logical next step. It's a logical next step, and play. Champions League consistently. That sort of deal. I think it's also what he needs. I'm starting to see this defensive side tool now. At that added layer to his game, I think that was what was missing for a lot of maybe those scouts. A lot of those teams to think that he could be ready for the next level. He's got a 6 year deal right now at Valencia that he signed in 2020. He's got a $100 million release clause. So that sounds like a lot, but apparently Villeneuve is trying to re sign him and we just talked about. Whenever they're trying to re sign you, it's so that they can sell you. Absolutely. For more. All right, let's hand out some grades here. We're feeling very scholarly on football America's tonight. Let's look at the U.S. group phase as a whole. And let's focus our grades in on the manager. What grade are you giving Greg berhalter for this group phase where his team gets 5 points and gets second place and gets through to the round of 16? It's Group B? Let's go with the B plus. We'll tell you why a B plus. Get another group should be an a, right? They did that. It's borderline a for me. So what are you talking about? That's why. I think Greg berhalter has learned every single game. And he's gotten better from that. But there's still the moments, there's a reason why you have to learn from it. In Poland, second half, Wales. I'm sorry, what else? Why is it poor? Well, second half. First half, very good. Second half, it's wells who are putting you on the back foot. It's wells who have overtaking you physically. They've overtaken you physically. He gets it wrong there, but he learns from it versus England. They get better, they put in a very complete performance against a very good English site. Not just a good result, a good performance. Good performance. But then it's Iran and

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