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Than 15 minutes away from today's top stories on Arizona's news station News Corona virus in Arizona. So Jamie just mentioned those businesses that have been closed down by the governor. Health clubs. You know Jim's bars, movie theaters, waterparks tubing. Ah, and before they could even apply To reopen what's called a moderate level of community spread. Has to be met in the county. They do business. Guess what? There are only two counties in Arizona that are in that. What's noticed The moderate level of community spread is defined by the state of Arizona as 100 or fewer cases of covert 19 per 100,000 county residents. A percent positivity rate of between five and 10% of Corona virus test and a covert like illness rate of between five and 10%. In other words, of all the hospital visits that occur within a county on ly 10% or fewer, Khun B of an illness that looks like it could be Right. So once again, 100 or fewer cases of covert 19 per 100,000 county residents percent positivity rate of testing of between five and 10% and hospital is a East Hospital visits have to be 10% or fewer. For illnesses that look like they could be covert. All right, state health director Dr Cara Chris says. Guess what? The Phoenix metro area the valley of the Sun. Wait there yet. We're still above that 10% threshold for percent positivity. It looks like we're getting down closer, but we're still above the case rate as well. By the way you can read about each individual county. If you go to Katie our dotcom. I got a story specifically on each Arizona County that lays it out. But Maricopa and Panel counties, the two counties I considered to make up the valley. Both have what's known as a substantial Community spread, so no closed. Businesses can even begin the re opening process. The county currently meet zero of the three benchmarks but here Krista also tells us that we are trending in the right direction for all three. So the question is, Where can it happened? Right now, and only to Arizona counties want take a guess, Jamie, because, you know, Arizona reward you take a guess. Just the two counties just just try and pick one of the two was a one of the two was like, Thanks for putting me on the spot. I'm going to say Greenlee, no La Paz, which might be even less known Greenlee County. It's on the Colorado River. It's just north of Human County has a population of about 21,000. They have moderate community spread so they can apply for indoor fitness centers, bars, nightclubs, providing dining services, indoor theaters, waterparks into being facilities to re open the other county. Interestingly, is one that a lot of people would say At least the Southern part of this county is part of the Valley. You have a pie. Oh, really? How do you see the press kit? So they have what's known as moderate community spread. Ah, lot of people on whiskey row are going to be happy to hear this right because I know that's not the only economic driver for you have a Pike County, but you've got to figure it's at least a major economic right. And when I was still a drinking man, it was really a massive, You know, economic driver for you have a bike and Ah, but Yeah. Black Canyon City is in. You have a pike County so close. What do you think? Mountainside, Fitness, Black Canyon City location there, and I bet people would drive that everybody's going to go there to drink and work out. I guess. There you go there. Is there any tubing? In Black Canyon City on, um, check on that somebody. Maybe Mike strove to throw together a water park in there like a dead man's culture. Something like that. I'll tell you that's what we've been trying to do in our backyard is trying to set up a water park to keep the kids occupied. 5 48 Now for Entertainment News with Stacy Brooks is brought to you by Body Fi, Arizona's premiere Cool sculpting provider.

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