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And so when that lecture on is provided helps to reduce that inflammation as resulting from the free radical activity all right so at some point we'll do a whole masterclass on this topic but i want you to get the the overview of what it looks like and what grounding is and how it works but also wanna share some of the research so this was a study published in the journal of environmental and public health researchers found that test subjects that were grounded quote had rapid activation of the para sympathetic nervous system and corresponding deactivation of the sympathetic nervous system come on please understand this is this is clinical data here this is just like airyfairy i think this works by getting yourself in contact with the surface of the earth you actually have this intrinsic rapid activation of this relaxed response you know your para sympathetic nervous system immediately us incredibly valuable all right and deactivation of the fight or flight sympathetic nervous system but are you taking advantage of this because it's free you know that's one of the things that we know generally can't wherever minds around especially if it's for your free access to and by the way before we go any further wanna make sure you know what's conductive dirt dirt is conductive it's one of those things dirt grass mud all right soil those are conductive surfaces all right we've also got sand this is why many people have the experience of like going to the beach and they're getting relaxed very relaxing sleepy thing is just the serena environment but has actually this might be one of the rare time to somebody is getting grounded in their activating sympathetic nervous system immediately bodies of water same thing you know if you're getting into the ocean getting into lakes concrete is semiconductors all right semiconductor asphalt is not conductive would is not conductive so.

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