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Recall all of over a quarter million harley davidson motorcycles and iowa senator chuck grassley says he's been doing some fact checking on texas senator ted cruz details coming up at eight thirty on news radio 1040 who nineteen is time for a look at our who radio sports with mark allen thank you very much and once again top of the morning everyone colleagues ucs last night i would say goes on the road it was a tight game early secondhalf and then texas tech polls away number seven read raiders over iowa state seventy eight to seventy six to fifty eight rather i iowa state seven games remaining four of those against ranked opponents to the mv see loyola over the drake bulldogs 72 57 northern iowa viqueque bradley 74 65 white lohaus 25 points in that game for the panthers now the good night to be in the top ten three means lost st john's over number one villanova seventy nine seventy five fourteen thranked ohio state over number three produce sixty four sixty three texas anm over number eight auburn eighty one to eighty big ten women's basketball to night penn state at i with seven pm two winter olympics kick off in south korea the opening ceremonies are this evening pga tour at t pebble beach proam tees off this morning and at the buzzer in overtime lebrun james hits the shot cleveland over minnesota 140 138 i'm mark allen for news radio 1040 who all right here's the kind of disjointed thinking this programme goes through here i have a to accomplish sportscasters on the program here this morning jerry dr freeman mark allen and i turned to jaffa angelo for our first official olympic update banned.

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