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You Miss Ya. Are you certain you're the one who wrote this letter to Father Christmas. As sure as I knows knows on my face. Yeah I was just a boy younger than either of you. Where did you find it in the bottom of a pile of letters of the North Pole? Post Post Office. I thought you said you were a reporter we are. We're doing a story on letters to Santa that get lost in the mail. Same Wa. That's me lost and forgotten Fuzzy Christmas. Excuse me monsieur but your letters barely legible and as she said it's like gibberish. It's not gibberish. It's good code. Used a half reversed alphabet. How did I miss this? Before seventy five years ago Nazi soldiers occupied nice dairy belt. Everyone was so afraid before the war. I love Christmas. I thought about it all out to make it better more for my own family. My Old Town when civil war game all of that vanished became about survivor zone. He's little brother became very gene. I hoped to bath Noel in secret code. I asked that he flee are down. Bring Christmas to people and to help John. I said Santa bring us does not matter now brother did did not survive. There will stop believing in Christmas because he stopped. Caring for my family does care. It may have taken a long time but your letter wasn't forgotten. It was just misplaced and now it's been too late. I learned his no Pale. Noel my wife and I m Eve unknown are known all these years without children without Christmas we won't be fully Cordell. Oh away you don't come back. Many he did. You see the look on Francois's face many saw the letter was like he was a little boy again. Still believing still hoping for his little brother think how hard he worked on secret code the courage it took think what he risked to send it to the North Pole and the seventy five years. He believe leave that Santa didn't care he lived for Christmas just like me and for his brother and then both were taken away. I know I give Tyler hard time. The Christmas has always been something we shared and if something would happen to him I lost hope and stopped believing in Christmas Lewis in Chicago. He thinks Santa gave up on him too. I can help for Swab. Maybe he's not a kid anymore but he used to be but what about the mission Francoist a mission to he tried to carry it out and take another look that letter he started to say the asked for something else I brother. What were you thinking about reverse Alpha? It's pretty easy. You just right out the letters from eight. I am Ben Right. The letters from N. Z.. Below them then you switch them. What is the letter civic? An Electric Train Asked for an electric train with steam bells and whistles his brother John always wanted one but Francois couldn't get it he thought it would cheer his brother up. If I could give a train like them I guess but we don't have one. I designed and built from scratch. I work in inventions. You don't think I could build a toy boy trained but we don't have any parts to build it. Sure we do do me a favor. Hemi my toolbox and open up the Arctic Circuit Board. You're going to make the train using parts from the Artie. Acts doesn't the reindeer to fly. We only five days to complete the mission mechanically speaking. I won't be able to fly but we both know mechanics aren't what's been making go any. It's been something else something in those letters you really believe. I'm not sure what I believe. Stop smiling Gimme the hammer. What about the mission? All the other kids right now commission is give Francois his Christmas wish whether he wants it or not the Ohio is anyone out ear. Yeah Mon let easy to. What's wrong train so I asked boy didn't forget you remember? After all is joost. I took his own sweet time. Sure you merry Christmas Sean. Cam Bring your toy inside. Perhaps really invite the Carolinas over to see it. Yes and all children down. That was incredible full paper. I'm so proud of you. This made any five year old little boy Mary those tier. It's just a nice school. figure out how to finish the mission. Christmas is coming.

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