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Listen some of it could be political. But that's also okay. Sometimes listen you get caught in the crosshairs. The whole idea of our justice system is like are they. Precedent setting cases are they. You know cases that in hindsight you have to have people stand by. And i think this is one of them. It's like charles. Manson a lot of people think he's a serial killer. He's never actually killed anyone himself. He's commanded people right he. He might have killed shorty. Donald shorty shea. Who was a guy that actually dropped dime on them. And that's the reason why they did the rate at the at the place in the first place but he was. You know you're right. Though he was he did not kill anybody at the tate or the love bianca house. Well that's the thing it's like everybody. That is not extremely familiar with the case. Thinks that he killed all of these people himself right. And it's like yeah. We can't always look to the definitions of these crimes to decide whether or how to condemn people. But you know. He commanded people to commit these very heinous bloody brutal painful suffering burners but the whole charles manson aspect is moved really. We're talking about leslie. Van house tin or whatever. Her name is shirtless enough. Leslie van whatever. She wants forgiveness but from a philosophical standpoint. It's like that's not really up to us. No and it's up to at the end of the day you'd like to look at the family. Yeah and the family of sharon tate has even though she wasn't involved insurance. Eight murders like deborah data. Said no way you know. So and the whole cabal of people. So if they're saying that. I gotta i gotta agree and say you're you don't get to fucking kill people and take everything we ever do. Everything would have ever done everything their children would have ever done. Like the magnitude and the philosophical aspects of like what you take is just like stay in jail. Excuse your behavior for x y and z like. There's always going to be an excuse for somebody for some reason right. You can always find it so it's at the end of the day. That doesn't replace what you've lost you have caused at the end of the day. So it's what the world loss with their families lost like the implications and the butterfly effects of those losses are are ever to be imagined you know and i think we can forgive me for that. You should never be forgiven. You can live with it. You shouldn't be forgiven for it now. On the topic of forgiveness. We want you to think about the worst thing that you've ever done. Would you forgive yourself now. So come back after this message.

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