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Backs blocked in the rebound that was taken by love. Love forces went up over McKinney, but she walks before the shot. So Vanderbilt turns it over. His love made one too many moves under the basket. It'll be Kentucky ball leading by 2 3.5 minutes to go in the third. Meeting a bucket here to try to build back some of that separation. Cats let this one by 16 In the first half Vanderbilt's lead here in the third quarter green left wing comes back to hunt, swing it to Patterson 13 to shoot right corner. Edwards launches a three ball air ball that too strong rebound chambers. Had the love love Far Sideline picks up treasure Hunt drives her down in the basket. Missed the shot had her own miss for a moment. And they're going to say that it was stripped away by McKinney. It's out on the baseline, staying with the Commodores. Art from returns to the game and low chance goes out for the doors 302 to play in the third Vanderbilt down to with the ball. Inbounds quickly to Chambers chambers. Hands at the hall, right wing. 18 on the shot clock chambers feats parts from right side Bartram lobs it to love at the free throw line. Love. Still, The high post puts up a five footer short grab your own miss puts it up on end. Tied at 53 off the lack of a box out. Patterson in the front court. Vanderbilt just Looks like they're more aggressive right now. They have more of a will. On the glass. Paterson takes the handoff from hump with 12 to shoot. All comes out to press your Paterson Paterson takes her to the free throw line. Looking to pass it dishes to McKinney McKinney turn around five footer rolls off Rebound. Golden butt. McKinney stripped it away, and then Kiki goes out of bounds. It'll be Vandy basketball. Cats have missed five straight shots. They have cooled off to the tune of 45% tied at 53 Commodores with a chance to reclaim the lead. All between the circles of this 32 zone. She moves right back to chambers inside the Golden one on one with McKinney Golden shot off the glass. No good rebound. Edwards, Kentucky on the run. Edwards charges in the front court takes gold into the basket. Right side runner. No good rebound, tapped around one by golden at Vanderbilt. She's got love now behind the defense, Kentucky scrambling Love spirits at the free throw line shot. No good. A foul on Hunt, though, will take her to the line for two. Look, it s 02 fouls on, huh? That's the third on Kentucky Is Owens and Wyatt Return. Edwards and McKinney go out for breathers. On we'll chance is gonna be in for home. Vanderbilt sub Oil of 24 points a game high. She has scored eight for 24 at the line and a chance to add two more. 64% on the year she's made eight out of 10 make it nine out of 11. How about the game of the year for coy Love at the free throw line. Vanderbilt's back in front 54 53. Second free throw. Got him both a 64% free throw shooters now, 10 out of 12 of the line. Maybe stop putting her there. 55 53 Vanderbilt Commodores have gotten 44 points tonight from two players 26 from Love 18 from Hall. Here's Blair Green. Right Corners Bad pass inside is taken away by chambers. Chambers and transition feeds it to chance High on the ride Vanderbilt with the chance to extend their two point lead 1 17 to go into third. These end of quarter breakdowns tonight by Kentucky may end up haunting them in this game. It was a bad two minutes to finish the first half. It's been a terrible minute to finish now. Blocking foul on Patterson will send love back to the free throw line. It's been a bad 2.5 minutes here in the third Kentucky on a scoring drought of nearly three minutes. Love goes to the free throw line again. I just She's gonna end up with 30 points tonight, half of them at the free throw line. She's now 11 out of 13. Statistics say she's bound to miss one eventually. She's up there percentage in a major way here tonight. Vanderbilt leads by three Love. Second attempts rolls ahead Unreal 57 53. Vanderbilt has matched their largest lead to this game for his green spending in the front court off the past by Hunter Green, Free Throw line stops puts up with Papa dropped and gets it to roll in. Green with 14 minutes 57 55, But boy loves got the ball in her hands, and Kentucky's not been able to stop her yet. Love passes left a chance back the love top of the key love Head fakes drives kicks it to Chambers Layup Good along the baseline. 59 55 Vanderbilt 35 seconds to go third quarter Patterson. Wheels around top key gives it to Owens cutting to the basket. Owens right side lay up rolls off and the rebounds. Gonna go out of bounds off Golden, a Vanderbilt with 25 seconds to go in the third. I love you got to throw it in under the basket right side. Lobs it up for while she gets it hands at the Paterson 18 on the shot clock 20 on the game clock. Patterson backs out left side high, low chances on her. This is a mismatch. Patterson launches along three and hits. It's Kentucky within 1 59 58. Patterson's Got 14. It's her first three ball of the night. Vanderbilt with five seconds scrambles in the front court. Coy loves Got it Right side high. We know where she's going. Love launches a three It's blocked by Hunt. We go to the fourth quarter. Jesse Patterson gives your team a little bit alive. But Kentucky has got to come up with some defensive stops. Otherwise, Vanderbilt's gonna score a critical blow here at the Coliseum. Onto the fourth quarter. VANDERBILT 59 Kentucky 58 on the UK sports network. Lexington Self Storage is your one stop self storage facility conveniently located at 10 89 South Broadway in Lexington..

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