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CBS news on the hour sponsored by theraworx relief. I'm Jim shanavie notorious mobster has met his end as James Whitey Bulger was found dead today at a high security prison in West Virginia. Just a day after he was transferred. Their CBS's Ricky claiming eighty nine years old his lawyer trying for a number of months to get a little doubted solitary confinement in another facility and moved to a prison where he would be in a medical facility. No cause of death has been given the FBI investigating or any number of people who wanted him dead as he was a secret FBI informant for years Bolger for himself, and she really wanted the Italian mob known as opposing those dry either way Whitey reading could control the brackets in Boston. Eddie MacKenzie was a former crime associated Bolger. He had such a steer blank nece, no compassion in his eyes at just would horrify anybody. President Trump is preparing to depart on Air Force One for Pittsburgh where funerals are being held for the victims of Saturday's synagogue shooting. Correspondent David Beckham. It has been three days since the violence and emotions in this tight. Knit community are still raw some including the Pittsburgh. Mayor Bill Peduto fear that a visit from the president is just too soon. The last thing I want to see is while these families are burying those that they lost that there are protests in streets being closed and other things that are taking away from the most important thing that we can do which is honoring the dead in the tree of life. Synagogue has said the president is welcome latest controversy surrounding President Trump is his announcement that he would seek to end birthright citizenship CBS's. Steven Portnoy prison tells axios on HBO he'll sign an executive order reinterpreting the. Fourteenth amendment which grants citizenship to all persons. Born in the United States and quote subject to the jurisdiction thereof person comes in has it baby. The baby is essentially a citizen of the United States for eighty five.

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