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Okay. So I wanted to once again tell the story about Kendra horn and how she won the fifth congressional district. It wasn't because she outspent or outsmarted. Steve Russell Kendra horn successfully mounted a guerrilla campaign in the district. I'm Leigh Matthews, by the way, NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. Here's how she did. It the fifth district is very conservative. It's most of Oklahoma City most of Edmund and so on. But there are little pockets in the district in the poorer precincts full of people who. Never vote because it's too much trouble. Or they never vote because they feel disenfranchised. I'm not gonna vote the Republicans are going to win anyway, full of Democrats and independents who feel that way. Well, here's what Kendra Horne. Did she found out who those voters were and in those specific districts, it's easy data that you can acquire from the election board. She then peppered those precincts with mailers that said, hi, I'm Kendra horn. I'm running for office because XYZ I want to I want sensible gun control. I want I think you have a right to health care and so on and then down below to fill this out and send it in for your mail in ballot. And it went directly to the Oklahoma election board. And all of these people got a mail in ballot. And they filled it out and mailed it in Kendra horn one with the early voting and the absentee voting and she won because she was able to get people who didn't normally vote number one to vote without having to go to the polls to do it and number two to vote for her because she provided them with the avenue by which they could easily vote. It was a very good move. No, she didn't spend a lot of money doing it. She didn't have to. I have a hunch. She had a lot of democrat friends who helped her out democrat friends at the federal level. So I congratulate her on running a successful guerrilla campaign. It wasn't pack. She did have a blue superpac. Yes. But a lot of the money from that super Pac came from federal democrat money, and I don't slam that I'm not slamming that at all. I'm just saying whoever runs for fifth district is going to have to learn how to manipulate votes. The new way. Be mindful of the male in power the power of the mail in vote and the power of the absentee vote because that's how Kendra horn wanted. It has nothing to do with. Steve Russell being sleighs not spend enough money. Not campaigning enough. Steve Russell did very well in all of the other precincts. He just didn't do well in those various small precincts where people weren't voting Walt is in Stroud on NewsRadio one thousand Katie. Okay. Hi. Lee. Thank you just made a good case for why early voting mail voting is not a good idea. Well, I Walter I hate to tell you this. I think mail in voting is is the wave of the future if not online voting, I know a lot of people don't like it. But many many many many many people love it because you can take the time to study the issue with it right there in front of you. You don't have somebody standing behind you in line. You don't have some little old lady tapping her tapping her foot waiting for you to put your ballot into the scanner. You can vote on your time. Well, I think Kendra horn is also on a very short leash. Yeah. Oh, yeah. The federal minimum crat forty. Yeah. Now. I know you wanted to talk about bump stocks. I do wanna talk to you about that. So I hope you can hang on. I've.

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