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But but top10 african hour harder to get there like no they're not going to be a top ten teams they're going to be really good and they are and they're going to win a lot of games and they are but i never thought it'd be top10 it takes outside of urban meyer all these coaches give him time take a deep breath where colin was rogge when buffalo committed a quarterback tyron taylor i said why tara taylor's got one three hundred yard passing game and his career in that game was in overtime but you know what man buffaloes foreign too tyron had a gamewinning drive a 90s ever passer rating all year he's got two interceptions here to thing about tyron taylor he never makes the play to beat you now you may not always make the play to win the game but when i watch tyron taylor in that defense and like buffalo knows what they are you can win a lot of games with tyron taber i don't think he's going to be aaron rodgers but he's been way better and buffalo has been the my prediction where colin was right said come on in the year i don't get might malarkey i think he's stunning marcus morial does growth i don't care they won yesterday that offense is a 1993 offense i think marcus marianas growth has been stunted they were five for seven on third downs listen the best coaches in this league andy reid pete carroll built bella check they get better go look at their history every month they're better in october than septembernovember than octoberdecember the november monarchies the opposite is i think this coaching staff is holding back marcus more yoda and i think you can just fundamentally see what's happening it is not pushing him it is predictable putting people jump routes on tennessee and i'm not into this coaching staff i really think marcus mario there could be a special special young player.

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