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The freedom of better vision. That's L A s k dot com Calm New York, New Jersey and Connecticut, announcing an updated a quarantine list for the three states today, Hawaii, South Dakota and a U. S. Virgin Islands have been added to the list. There have been four states removed from the list and they are Alaska and New Mexico, Ohio and Rhode Island. There are now 31 states and two territories on the list. The Virgin Islands joining Puerto Rico as the two territories, Mayor De Blasio is putting together a plan to provide free daycare. Two parents who are in a jam with work. And dealing with young Children at home. DeBlasio says at least 100,000 families will get that for you child care that will start at the same time school starts. There are parents who don't have a choice, particularly if they are going to work or going back to work. They're others who may have more flexibility, The mayor says. There will be an application process and the seats will be given out to parents who need them. Most thousands of daycare centers have reopened across New York City with Corona virus related protocols in place. But there are reports that some have low enrollment numbers with parents hesitant to send their kids because of covert 19 I'm Christine Marks for 77 w. ABC News Swimming, maybe restricted once again on some long Island beaches because of Mohr shark sightings. A fisherman caught a sandbar shark at Jones Beach yesterday, prompting lifeguards to only allow folks in waist deep. So I guess we'll just stay is ankle deep like we won't be going way won't be going deep in what at all that's the same case from Nickerson Beach. There's also been shark sightings at Atlantic Beach, forcing.

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