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She had a Russell in the garden w RV. Russell you're up next with Andre go right ahead. Good morning. And thank you for your show. Thank you. I have a question. I wonder if I sprayed will stop on my fake Bush's. Would it prevent Winterburn? Yeah. That is that will stop as is a fantastic product because it is an extract of pine, and we use it, of course, on evergreens. I, you know, so you use it on Holly's for the winter is as rhododendrons, and especially on this broad leaf things even on boxwood. But on a coup, maybe some evergreens that are more tender, you might say chameleons, that's excellent sprayed on camellias broadly Amelia's. And so the fig is a different story because you're back the bar on a fig. Now, I will say this that it will stop. Some of the damage most branches in that of trees that Trump that lose their leaves have pores in the bark their call length to sills, and there's a gas exchange of lent to Celts. And so it certainly will help nyc. Now after saying that a lot of the people that wanna bring figs through will. For instance, put four stakes around the fig. And they will depending has is it a fig if you go down into Richmond and Tidewater in the figs are ten feet tall and abuse wide. You can't do a thing. But if the young enough and small you can then fill that area with straw and going up so you spray it with the will stop. Then you drive in four steaks. And then you run burlap around the stakes. You can put not clear plastic burlap, you can use white plastic. They Durfee people use on greenhouses, which the thirteen gallon Christmas bag happening, a garbage bag will will is a white plastic, and then filled with straw, and that you should come through great with that. Because there's good gas exchange that doesn't heat up and the worst thing we can do for protecting any plant is use leaf bags which are black or Brown or dark. Green does. Things the dog the heat or clear, so you're better off now. I would say this. If you weren't gonna do all the protection that I just mentioned it's certainly going to help, and it would take more than one application may be two weeks apart, you might spray, for instance, December fifteenth with one good spraying, and the maybe January tenth the second spray, and I certainly going to help it prevent damage now if they are damaged by both two ways one by the temperature that drops at night to buy a lot of wind across them. And that's where that's where your will stop will help and also son sun heating, the bark. And then the sunsetting NFS drop in temperature is the other way, they get hurt in our area. What about gardenias in the wintertime should bring them inside? Or should. Yeah. You can do you can spray gardenias wilt stop. You. Also, the other thing people will do is put at any anytime you want to get a evergreen broadleaf, evergreen, whatever it is through the winter. And you're worried about it a high amount for the winter. So the ground doesn't freeze is very important because water absorbed from the roots. And once it's frozen the lease lose water, but they can't take up water because the ground is frozen. So we always say if you have a gardenia like that the thing to do with come in with six inches of March. But a winter only and then in the spring, let level out that that certainly helps depending on the size. You know, you go in a lot of time. You can't too big to bring into the house unless you have it in a container or something. Like that. Russell. Thank you. Do. Appreciate your call. It's Brian who joins us right now at eight hundred two seven four four two seven three. He's also in Richmond listening in the garden and. W RV A, Brian go right ahead. You're on the air with Andrei. Andrei got a question for you. I want to plan white paper Birch trees enrichment and doable. And if I do that should be aware of. Yup. I if you're gonna if you're gonna go with a typical white Birch not a the Paperbark Birch. Is you want to use a hybrid that would-be heretic, but they get big fast, and they have heavy root systems. But if you're going to go with the white Birch, then that's a different kind of. And there are different varieties. There's the European white Birch which we on the last trip that I led to Europe we saw a lot of beautiful European white. Birch there is Japanese white. Birch also so you want to go and try to go to a full service garden centre in your area and see what kinds of Birch they have. But if you're going to go with the paper Bach, the peeling Brown bark with some white and gray. Heritage. I believe it's heritage. I'm doing soft top of my head. But you want to get a name variety anyway. And they could help you at the garden center for that. And yes, all the purchase will do in Richmond. Thank you. Okay. Brian. Thank you for your call. We've got roof you to join us in the garden at eight hundred two seven four four two seven three that's eight hundred two seven four four two seven three. Let's say Lori. She's also in Richmond listing on W RV, Laura, you're up next with Andrei go right ahead with your question. Good morning. I have a cherry tree that we grew from speed. And from we bought it in DC and now big tree and this year, it was doing great and now have little hole in it. L looked it up. It said it might be forget, a bacteria or fungus. They causes blackspot. It'll fall out and call who cold. So I didn't know if the tree is gone or favorable. Well, you know trees can survive fungal mbacke till infections, depending on the type of disease and and get hit in the wild. For instance, wild Cherry's that grow in the countryside, you you'll find holes in the leaf and all kinds of problems yet, they live fine in even get hit with tent caterpillars than they survive there. So the real worry you have with this cherry is going to be whether or not the branches are not looking good. You have some die back in would where some branches have died, and you're trimming out, and what you have to look for with cherries is Bora in the bark. So you examine the base. The base up about three feet from the ground anywhere from from you know, six inches to three feet look at the bar. Make sure there's no losing of sap gelatin like sap out of that cherry if that's fine. Then that's good news. And then it doesn't pay you to spray it now the leaves will be dropping off anyway, and they may have already started. But next spring as Elise come out after they come out, you may want to spray them with a fun just side. And the bonafide makes quite a few fundamental would probably be my first choice fungible. And and and this spray to Foley, spray the. Gives me. Okay. And get rid of all the falling. Lease glee, always use that just take a little rake and rake up the leaves and and get rid of them and take them away. And and because that's all that's the good first place to go. Okay. Okay. Thanks for calling in the garden. Lori. Thank you..

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