South Korea, Foreign Policy, Norway discussed on FT Big Read - China trade: Wielding the boycott weapon


So i think what's happened is that the government is really quite cleverly played into a strong feeling of national sentiment even though actually there isn't a great deal of animus toward south korea in fact many chinese enjoy using south korean products you mentioned the to these economic boycotts been going on for very long time in china how effective they be numbing to the extent that they are a tool of foreign policy have they been effective in winning concessions from the foreign governments that have been targeted that being number of studies done and itching if purely in the face of the economic and financial impact of we look at previous boycott say against japanese products we find that often trade is hit paso one year the debt and then it bounces back which suggests that it somewhat short term but actually we find that in many cases there is a law a political impact so if you look at the case of norway and the nobel peace prize in two thousand and ten a committee which awards nobel peace prize which is appointed by norwegian politicians but independent from them gave the peace prize to shove all a very famous chinese dissident in beijing was very upset it decided to take action against norway even though it wasn't a decision taken by the norwegian government and said i was an effective embargo puts on exports from norway including salmon and other seafood products and academics guesstimate that something like a billion dollars in trade was lost from noise perspective.

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