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Right. Let's get to the TANF preview. Now like, you can't find any tennis courts. Right. We need that long-awaited Ricky Hollywood versus Dr Rosenthal match. I know maybe the LA TC. I mean, there's like perfect spa. There's like fifty free tennis courts everywhere you look at but this is the community, Greg. The Green Bay Packers. Who just spoke about a lot of pressure on the Packers to prove Mark wrong. Four four and one spank the dolphins last week. But here's a challenge. They're go into Seattle to face the Seahawks sea hawks who were playing for their season right now last. Let's just keep it real. They've lost tuna row. They're four and five in a loaded. NFC four and six means goodbye. They are playing for the season. This is a team that Greg has said repeatedly he views as a playoff team, and they can run on anyone you saw they ran for almost three hundred yards and a loss to the Rams. I think they're gonna run on the Packers question is can the Packers. Keep up with them. I think they can because the Packers play a style where they lean on their quarterback and the Seahawks play a style where they're trying to hide their great quarterback. Where Russell Wilson is such a secondary player in this offense. I think they've gone too far too in love with the fact they've run for one hundred and fifty yards six games, which is wild like the Seahawks are basically the best running team in football right now. Even when Chris Carson was out. I mean, just by the numbers. But I don't think I think over time and you saw it I think in last week's game. And I know they ended up keeping a close with the Rams Russell Wilson at about fifty nine yards passing going into the fourth quarter. I just think that makes your margin for error on third downs. Very tough. It's a tough place to play. But I would rather have the team where you're relying on your quarterback. And I think the Seahawks are a little too in love with this run run pass when their defense is just okay. Good. It's not great. It's a fine defense. I like it. If it's if it operates the way the Cowboys did in years past where you're taking Green Bay off the field by controlling thirty five plus minutes of the game. I don't see Seattle doing that effectively week after week. They are running. Well, but it's like you're not gonna just be able to play keep away from the Packers. One of the reasons that chargers one is because they started selling out they paid no respect to the receivers whatsoever. After the first quarter and just sold out knowing it was going to be run the whole game. I think you have to mix it up just for predictability last week. I thought the Packers maybe it was just because they were head but they hit on an offense. That makes sense to me Aaron Jones getting seventy five percent of the snaps. Devante atoms. Getting quite a bit of targets focus on your best players keep Jones on the field. I mean that guy he kinda defines shot out of a cannon. They we hear you hear shot out of a cannon a lot. When I hear shot out of a cannon right now. I think Aaron judge tells you that ball when it come out of the cannon though. Yeah, helps he's he's. Facing lighter box and running back in the league. Oh, what's that earlier than I meant? But I'm gonna lock it up for the Packers. Wow. Another road team. Greg like, you need this you, it's a loser goes home. That's for. I I went home. I'm gonna go I'm home. And I'm rooting I found out that that I win a sandwich. If if anyone but Mark wins. So now, I'm just rooting for west or or Dan, I guess Dan gets in the mix. I am of the mix two games out. All right Dan's in it well to. Yeah. I'm I have the same record is, Dan. So by technicality alone. I'm also in everyone's in the mix Rex but me who just made that pick from his home feels like a juicy spot for lock off..

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