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Hi i'm kristen bell when my kids fall down or get tummy aches treat them with hugs kisses and colorful bandaids but when kids are really sick i'm so grateful for children's miracle network hospitals with care designed for kids but his greatest children's hospitals are they need our help to ensure every kid has the chance to get better please join me in supporting children's miracle network hospitals put your money where the miracles are give to your children's miracle network hospital fmla i fell essay ac it's harder than ever for businesses to keep up with today's involving alphabet soup of regulations what's a company to do kronos with kronos you can minimize compliance risk and track hr policies making sure they are applied consistently and fairly hr payroll talent and time keeping in one unified system all with proven implementation approach and simplified transparent pricing learn more at kronos dot com slash compliance kronos workforce innovation that works join jim brandstatter of his guests charles and david bartman of senior financial center and the host of a safer income for like radio show wednesday april twenty fifth at the capital grill in troy for another exclusive wjr in the boardroom london between the ages of fifty five and sixty eight this is a must attend event learn what you need to know now to plan for your retirement and have a chance to request a free social security analysis seating is limited to register call one eight eight eight eight one three thirty one fortyseven that's one eight eight eight eight one three thirty one forty seven starlight lounge presents an evening at the progressive box oh what a great audit let's dimmed the lights for this next one too much there it is got to get things just right like progressives name your price tool tell us what you want to pay and we help you find coverage options to fit your budget and now the movies right wait the lights are back on again trudy can you and now it's completely dark casualty insurance company and affiliates pricing coverage match limited by state law wjr's in.

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