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Boss Bug. found. And of course, tucks tight. I can't do it anymore I can't. Talk so tight me lost his parasite. nyack with the ran a four. Thought it was good. Because he clearly stolen from me. I've got my three triplets here, but exciting news. We're also joined by one more. We've got Nathan. Here. Hi Nathan and My character yet so I. Don't have time for him. You. This is how we show hospitality to our guest. We do not make them do a rhyme if they don't want to. Can you give us a sneak peek? Has Your character in that butterfinger bb I'm sure. No. No, I'm sure I'm sure that will be an issue. Can I call? All on Nathan. Any character. I. Learned to stab the NBC's of any of them's guests smart. Good Way to go into a wedding. The bride's family is very happy to great. Before we even get to the wedding I. Think we might need to do a quick recap. Are you ready? Fantastic, here we go. So when last remit you three had just defeated Millar God of time and tides, and then given a golden egg, and a new mission by a mysterious entity known as the Hidden God Aka, the Little Crystal Friends. After emerging from a crystal induced trance. You were accosted by Mercurio delury..

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