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So I don't know who else to credit. Other people are also saying that just so you know what, what is going to be around? Yep. You know what Tim, making honestly? I mean, he could have been fired opinion ended eight lifted. He's a great human being. You want to. Nice. You want to hang out and have a beer with. But you know what? Dick between the Mediterranean. You know, the metro always going to be second class citizens. They're not going to spend the money. But every so often they're going to have. One. Spent enough money this off season. Point. All right. So look at is that have had success with. Right. But when you know you had you had right? And Bobby Valentine guy like Mickey Callaway. That caught up in New York. The guy can you imagine a midway somewhere? He doesn't have a cool that nice guy but he doesn't have a clue. He's deal with deal with always going to be pretty iky. He doesn't have to buy it's like he just I mean, you gotta show a little bit of. But you don't. Based here. On the ice. And that's why I'm overpaid. Several us lazy. That's all I got him. Have a great night. Here's the thing. I don't like name calling. I know I'm in the minority on that in this world. We live in. I understand it. I don't do it. And I actually wear that with pride. I don't love it. I don't love it at all. In fact, it really bothers me you could've made the same point and said the name Robinson canot and made just as strong point as it was you want a manager fire during his first season during his first season, you wouldn't fired and you want him to give the right answers. Okay. I, I actually thought today he gave some pretty good answers. I think he's giving some decent answers this season but managers today and coaches aren't gonna throw their players under the bus. You think Pat Shurmur criticizes the giants as post game press conferences? The giants won five games. Heynen criticizes players in post game press conference, no coach or manager is going to do that now. And again, this goes back to kind of the old school, the old days that everyone that some people, especially a lot of callers here wanna have return, we've moved past a lot of that. And again, if you think a manager is all powerful, and making all these decisions himself, that's just not baseball anymore. It is organizationally decided. What the lineup is, or perhaps, when a certain player should take a break. A day off. Why Wilson romo's can't feed the catching of Jacob degrom to Nido because as Mickey has said, we'll, sometimes you need Wilson to, to catch three or four days in a row, three days in a row that might that might upset that plan. It's not just on the manager. I understand the calls for Calloway, and you know what for forty eight hours. You'd feel good about it. And if the Mets won a series, right afterwards you you'd say, oh, there you go. It's hard for me to believe that that would fundamentally change the Mets are. But if it would that would be a move. They should make. Heyman Puma here with us. And I'm sure in the New York Post and others have said that. Callaway will survive at least the short term. Short term meaning tomorrow. Let's go to Ray. In Rockville centre. What's up Brian? Hi, kim. How are you? Good. How are you? Quick quick comment. Mickey Callaway quick question. I, I agree with you, that it's not doesn't bowl to the manager, especially with at Olympic. However, a lot of people are saying that the Mets are not motivated. And to me, that is a primary role of the Magara with one of the motivator. My question really has to do with physician in baseball called the D H the Boston when the time of poppy had the position, Oppy was the D H, the Yankees tend to use it as a place to rest, their players, do you think there's a strategic difference in how they use the thing?.

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