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I didn't want that to get out there. Don't get mad at her. Don't samer don't do anything like that. It'd like oh. I wanna let you know that ray point isn't something to be proud of in hindsight. That's what i got. But i was focus on other things in my career. Yeah if you go to college this is what you should be looking to attain this the lesson that he could have happened instead he wants to pander to the public like he's always done and that's why chad oto single point to in my opinion because the nigga stupid. It's interesting that he's saying that. This is trolling. I'm like but you're putting up. What you're saying is a conversation between you daughter. No one asks for this right you. You're now you're saying i'm just trolling. I'm like maybe we don't care about you. I don't care brandon marshall right. It's like this. Is my you and brandon marshall goddamn goofy yelling on youtube and brandon. Marshall is dead ass wrong about this and the fact that he's like men don't apologize as he sat there and didn't apologize is so super weird. We like you're not apologizing. You ain't shit. I don't know you don't know nothing nigger you just got your wayward lock and you yelling next to andre johnson. Saying anal. difference than me him i think. He said he run fast. And andre johnson's like nick. How have you lost your goddamn line. There's a lot of different ways this could have been handled and he just chose the wrong way. It's like you it's like oh you could just kept it in your group chat. It's like fuck you anyway. So really what. It is keeping group chest keeping address. Visit your charts message. You realized your text messages are only because you told and okay so another person who literally literally people literally could go to hell is tower. So i saw this on twitter to say what is he was wise shaven. His girlfriend kuchie on instagram. Said i what.

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