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Then the the longer time horizon first of all just evaluate for me president trump and and how you see him as a leader and as a potential opponent and then tell me what what is your place in all this because there are people who would say you know centrism is great but it doesn't really sell in a in a in a very polarized political environment and you know has john hickenlooper gonna sell himself to democrats who are who are quite worked up now about this president and that arguments been was said to me when i ran for mayor and was when i ran for governor that my background my experience i've always navigated my life on navigate successfully on diminished expectations can be considered a real damage at your first question my wife and i have discussed it we talked to people we haven't formed a pack were not going out and aggressively pursuing it now partly because i think what we're working on doing a bunch of work for stuff now in colorado that no other state is doing we're making advances in healthcare and controlling the cost while at the same time expanding coverage that i think is breathtaking the moment i start a pack and start talking about what i'm going to do in twenty twenty not only do i get distracted but my cabinet gets distracted and it's a disadvantage really is because the race will probably start the minute the gavel falls on the two thousand eighteen midterms i think you're right and i will all those things as you know you've gotta have your message down you've got to get things down to sixty seconds and and i am spending very little time i think about sometimes but relatively speaking very little time in that because i've i've i've tracked it i think the most talented team of.

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