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Conducted by Monmouth university and was released today Disney's theme parks are about to go vegan four hundred new items will be heading up the menus at Orlando's Disney world next week and then California's Disneyland in the spring all the options will have a green leaf next to those items on the menu board your A. B. C. six first warning weather clear and cool tonight we'll see a low of fifty five am Alison Wyant our next report coming up at six o'clock. this is news traffic and weather station tell us what we need to know on air online and on the news radio six WTVN this store is called the ugly truth about time share if you think you've done your family a favor by buying a time share you need my help hello I'm Chuck McDowell CEO and founder of Wesley financial group ten years ago I started helping folks cancelar time sure contracts and in the process started what's now called the Tom sure cancellation industry time sure is the only thing that you can buy out you can't tell me how much is going to college or when it's going to end when you buy a time share you give them a blank check to fill out any amount they won't for annual maintenance and assessment phase sound crazy the crazy dying as this never ends even when you die your families now going to be stuck with this burden stop the insanity today com office now I guarantee if we can't can't your time sure contract you'll pay nothing call for your free information kit eight hundred eighty five twenty nine twenty nine that's eight hundred eighty five twenty nine twenty nine eight hundred eighty five twenty nine twenty nine. for.

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