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Waiting on 12 on the way swinging a groundball softly Too short. Zach Short will flip to second for one. Cruz's relay. Er Castro's really the first can't double up. Cruz just didn't hit it hard enough. So force at second to put ago 64 produces safe. At first, there were two outs. Another lefty Alex, Cure law strides to the fleet. Larnaca attended struggles against lefties. He do the four pitch walk Alex Curl off the other first round pickers. Making a big impact in this lineup is better against lefties. So far, it's a very good sign for a young hitter. He's a rookie this year, first major league at bats and he's he's impressed, swinging foul over the screen right below US. 41 Tigers are in the sixth inning. Series brought to impart by Carhartt built to work as hard as a five tool player. The infielders shift to the right, Castro. Between short in scope about 20 ft. Under the outfield grass and shaded toward the line, Just a little in the outfield goes the opposite way and cure law playing To go to left. Slider, perfect pitch. On the outside edge down and away no balls and two strikes. Donaldson popped out. Larnaca walked on four pitches, cruises off balance the entire at.

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