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Okay. Busa baggy hanging out with you 877337 66 66 off. So Jeff Pass it Does a fantastic job is really funny Writer baseball writer like he's obviously very informed, but he's he's funny man. He really has a good sense of humor. So he put out a column on ESPN today and one of the headings like 20 questions before the season or something. The glass is one of the players. Biggest concerns. Is they start traveling right? That's the question one of the players. Biggest concerns is they start travelling. Here's the answer, he wrote. While they're the plane rides, the hotel stays the bus trips. All the extra points of contact. The traveling entails. They're also trips in the cities where the corona virus is far more present. Those are the macro issues. Players tend to believe the micro is a far trickier impediment, with one saying. Quote. I honestly think horny dudes on the road are what's going to bring this down Most. Your response fair. I mean, I think that's what we're all thinking it. We're all faking it. I think that is, I think that is very, very fair. And if I were a player This is not the year right to the ballpark to the hotel. You know, find and this is not the year. This is really understand. Listen, I understand. Listen, athletes if you're single, whatever it might be And you're on the road. I understand it. You're hanging out that this is not the time there's not gonna be any hang out areas Where you going? There's no Barto hangout in in the foreseeable future, right? Where you exactly you are. You're so 1994. Have you heard of thes dating APS? A girl waiting in the room before we even get to the cities. They already boys who know you know people do go to the bar number one that far, but I mean, the point being is Yeah. I understand Modern technology. I understand Tender and all that stuff. Yes, I get it. If you want some action, you can go online and you could find yourself some action. I get it. This is not this is not the year. This is not the year my message would do would be keep it in the pants. This is not the year Do not go on the road. Do not go on the road and risk. Listen, I don't wanna There's no excuse There is no excuse this year and yes, if I were another player out there, I would be fearful. We all know the guys out there that you know that there are horny on the day in day out basis. I get it. I understand it, but still this is not the year understand what we're going through. And that would be a fear if I were another player as well. I agree that this is not the year. Question for the Toronto Bluejays. For crying out loud. We're trying to find a place to play baseball. Question from an outsider. Can y'all help it like that? I told sometimes I wonder what made graphic Maggie there ways to help. I don't I don't Like I can put that technology you're talking about. Yes, I'm familiar. What? What you could have on your phone. It's always fun. When you're writing the New York City subway. Is someone sitting next to on the subway decides to look at porn. It's a really amazing guys that happened. Oh, speaking once, just on a side note. I was at a stop light the other day going to CVS. I look over to my left and somebody sit in the passenger seat. Was viewing pornography. I'm like, what are we doing at three o'clock in the afternoon? And this is why I ask Can you help it? Because sometimes I think it takes over your brains And like the decision making gets all scrambled, sometimes with with guys and listen, maybe women to I'm not going to discount you know that the women have these feelings also, But with guys I think sometimes like your sheer wiring gets messed up, and it gets just you're so singularly focused. And I think some guys could say Well, I'll think about baseball, but baseball players probably don't want to think about baseball. You don'thave saying, Like, you know, Get away your brain to rest, you know? So I Here's okay. I'm going, Tio. It's true. What you're speaking to is true. There is a consistent drumbeat to that thought process. That is true Stick. Cods was on the brain all the time. Okay. You think about right now? Of course. Here's what I'm gonna suggest something. Sprawling out going to be popular, but it could work. The EPA is doing it. A snitch line. It's anonymous. If you see players who can't help themselves or who are putting the season in jeopardy because they can't like control it and they just can't They their singularly focused kid. Can baseball have the snitch lied? And teammates can call each other out for their behavior on the road most it might be the only way to save the season. It might be inactive Snitch line down. Do I think, guys, we're going to be doing that on the road, Maggie. I mean, I don't know if you're right. I mean, they're They're scenarios here on social media, where you could set it up to where nobody knows where somebody might be. You know you both parties are obviously Into it, And they might not. You might not run into another player in order snitched you out, So there is that possibility as well. I'm not speaking from experience. I'm just speaking about the fact of I've heard those stories and read those stories online. But thing is, is that both parties like to brag, But this is not a man or woman thing. You gotta always you know women talk men talk. It's hard to keep a secret when it comes to that stuff. My message is not this is not the year You got a point there? Hopefully we have a vaccine in early January. Hopefully, we're able to get through this pandemic Over the course of the next 56 months, we socially distance. You wear a mask. Do all these things. This is not the year If you're a baseball player, have you seen young people out there? They're I understand. They don't care. I'm telling you to care for your God. My God, I did baseball. I need baseball. I do not need horny baseball players. Bringing down the year. I need Major league baseball. I want to see the Yankees win. I'm looking forward to watching Alonso hit a home run, even though it's not gonna be anybody in attendance. You know what? That for me for Mark loses on wfmt a little God. Please reassess yourself. If you can't control yourself find a way to control yourself this year. You know what I could imagine. It's like in a TV show or a movie when they have like the angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other shoulder, Yet it's both boosts. And so young say, like 21 year old baseball player walks into the road hotel Looking at the EP, you know, sees all these women who are like ready, willing and able, Whatever consenting adults, all that stuff And you have, like the angel mousse. You know, it's just like, don't do it. What do you doing Defensive and then the devil Most is on the other show. It's like that you only live once, like one of the odds, right, YOLO. Wait, that we've got to get ISO in our digital team of that. We've got to create that. That's got to be something that the angel of the ghost devil lose them. You're not allergic to fun. I mean, you you as a young man, Think about it. We go back and think about 21 year old moose. I'm telling you. Hey, man, do it for the greater good would be like what 12. Maybe you'd consider it. I don't know. That is way. Didn't know we could other that I've just guessing No, I You're You're right. You do only live once. And I am speaking Now, as you know, a happily married man and a father of three. So I'm coming from a different perspective than when I was 2021 22 years of age. And I get if I'm a single baseball player, and the world is my oyster. I understand that there are opportunities and there might be opportunities that it might be next to impossible to turn down. I'm just pleading with you. You should show us Bauji. I mean, please said it was okay. If you're gonna do it. You wear a mask, please. Okay and something else. Nothing else. Nothing but the mask. That was one of that lot somewhere where he Here's the thing, though Well without, she said he wasn't talking about where those guys who arch Traveling all over the East coast. When you're talking about whether or not you could hook up with somebody and it may or may not be safe, you know, during the person who's from every night Yeah..

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