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A billion dollars for rights to its gene therapy outside of the U. S. and on the IPO front Reuters reporting that jadis just six unit is considering an overseas IPO that could raise up to ten billion dollars and wrapping things up here three M. was race neutral at JP Morgan live from the first the breaking news desk I'm taught him a Terry Karen how Deanna thank you and your life breaking news of your Bloomberg types walk on your terminal issue you a W. K. and that's a Bloomberg business slash Tom and Paul thanks so much Paul Sweeny Mercosur's for things all things we could talk about the market bonds but there's a changing of the guard there is not Buckingham Palace exactly right the bank of England has a new governor by the name of Andrew Bailey let's find out what's in your belly is all about markets Ashworth Bloomberg opinion columnist market six which for doing this what he tells about Andrew Bailey the new bank of England governor well he's also so you kind of hands in the context of the most important part of the next few years it's probably not going to be sending interest rates for the bank of England it's going to be monitoring and helping the change all over rules and regulations and how the financial system works with me on and when it leaves the opinions and he's the guy he's being a hands on person at the financial conduct authority and for that within the financial banking system and he's even gonna he knows the most about holdovers tells all and how to set up the regulations was going to be really awhile back I'm gonna see three months ago maybe five months ago in London and an end to help my Marcus skews me help our international audience with the compared to the fed he he's not Stanley Fischer like monetary theorist and claimed academic I get that are you even Richard cleared up is he like Randy quarrels warehouse he fit into the picture the matrix yeah right because it is part of the list I mean he's the guy he's he's been looking off to the boring bets you say the prudential regulation of the banking system and kick making sure that the the font and to bank it well the script together is this the guy had been murdered king it's a lot of credit for the crucible northern rock is is into Bailey the guy that actually handled the legitimate collapse of northern rock he was the guy to make sure it didn't become a systemic problem and he's the guy he's been seen three very much go to die we're currently is the financial conduct authority slightly so that he could not with a difficult job take Ivan twenty sixteen he was the sector has than any Kenny comes the same thing you got the top job for doing such a great job over the decades and insulting crisis he's he's the guy because of the but since the detail and the and the lights on and he's universally respected by everyone within the government central banks aren T. deregulation the US markets do we know what the role the bank of England may or may not play as the brexit actually takes place over the coming months and years we we do as a thief in the absolute forefront of this he's made quite clear which is possibly one of the reasons why we chose and he's pretty keen on deregulation away from European world you want the bank of England the old stuff the start of the year to the forefront in keeping you can market two thousand we can do central not being not directed from Europe he sees clearly that the city can consent on the side I don't quite away from your PMR rules with make little sense what do you make a sterling with the with the round trip here one twenty nine oh nine while sterling we coming up we go mark I saw Marcus go along sterling like ten minutes before ten PM the night of the election and movie shot up Marcus and boy we give it all back what we have a bit of pollen this is his problem because of double strength and at the same time it's it's for the trade deal being done in a different focus on there's only four alley and then a little bit about what the proper taking squaring positions starving India look at starting compatible the rest the world currency could could be could stock market it is cheaper old relative basis I expect seventy very nice difficult yeah now look it's gonna have some mobiles if it's a practical guide because it'll that south for awhile fundamentally studies cheap some markets just real quickly on the city of London itself I remember when brexit first happened I happen to be in London there was panic of that the city of London would lose just you know it's pre eminence as a world financial center what's the thinking now that we're kind of several years past that and really getting close to brexit there's no off shore you and the Chinese army training you know I'm in the original call now the reality is the European banks the prosecution's will now need to set up in the city of London robin be relying on on having a kind European thing you see the before shifting some softer to European locations that much to be European banks just bring some of markets back on reality they'll need to keep and exist here will have to re opens up in London the city is going to be fine it's got all the markets the world because not just European to schedule a trip so yeah absolutely take Anthony from Spartan general given the I'm not sure if it's a passport I don't want to check it will to see over London Z. markers to start the new year would be a good idea one twenty nine zero seven and sterling you know what why no but that's surprises we have not had that shot off a one twenty two of the one thirty two I thought we were gonna maybe even push a little bit higher now that we got some clarity on brexit but see it coming down I think there's a lot of question about this now we actually have to get it done now I just put two and two together yes pharaoh massive log mass exactly so older it it you know it's a this is huge is all day trades around sterling I'm sorry exactly seven Dow.

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