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The new one oh one five FM seven twenty AM KGW way good morning I'm John Schaefer one person is dead following a crash involving a car and a motorcycle Tuesday night in the ever goes a valley that crash happened on the ninety five north of state route one sixty shortly after nine thirty last night state police had to shut down the roadway for a while during the investigation the partisan lines have been drawn with house speaker Nancy Pelosi's announcement of a formal impeachment inquiry hello see says the president needs to be held accountable for betraying the country no one is above the law top house Republican Kevin McCarthy says Democrats keep trying to re vote twenty sixteen this election is over and that hello see does not speak for the full house but Democrats do have the majority and closely shifted course under pressure from freshman and veterans alike to speed up investigations of the president if the house approves articles of impeachment the Senate would hold just the third ever trial on removing a president from office in the past two centuries that acquitted Andrew Johnson a hand to Bill Clinton Sager back on the Washington Nevada's lone Republican in Washington says he doesn't support the start of that impeachment inquiry against president trump he's criticizing his democratic counterparts for calling for such a move because of the president's actions toward Ukraine hours after Democrats and Susie Lee and Stephen Horsford said they'd support starting impeachment US representative mark am today said the Democrats were making the president's actions an issue before Congress was able to investigate price growth has slowed nationally and in Las Vegas but southern Nevada still outpaces most big cities when it comes to price growth home prices in the Las Vegas area increased four point seven percent year over.

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